Friday, February 27, 2015


                     TO HELP YOU!"
                                                   Greatest lie of all time!

      Three people who were not elected on the FCC board have decided to let the government regulate the internet.  Something that was not broken and needed no interference besides chasing the worldwide criminals using it.  In other words they fixed what was not broke!  Did anyone read the 300+ pages of regulations before it was passed?  Only Google and a couple of internet giants.  Not the Congress.  Not the people.  Not the media.  But it will be OK.  This comes from the people who brought you healthcare, run away spending, and ignoring ISIS!
     So what does the internet do?  A picture goes viral about the color of a dress!  Two Llamas running loose, and a dress stolen from a hotel room.  Earth shattering!
      So I will talk about something really important! 
LETS BRING FOOTBALL BACK TO WSU!!! YEH!!!  So there is an online petition to restart the abandoned football program at Wichita State University.  It has had a lot of support over the years, yet there is always somebody with a little more power that kills the idea.  After all they still have a great stadium.  High school teams and track events still use it.
     On the negative side it would bring more students to the campus and add to the staff.  On the positive side only football and basketball programs make money and pays for the other sports that don't under Title 9.
     The wind was taken from the sails after the tragic plane crash that killed so many players coaches and fans years ago.  But these are the things that we come back from.  It is not like WSU can't produce anything world class, right?
      WSU only has a ranked basketball program, world class engineering facility, a science lab that was consultant to TV programs.  Wichita for some reason is so proud of WSU and yet still holds onto the Hillside High nickname.  To bad it takes a bill from the legislature to make the other two Universities play WSU in anything.
      Now that was important wasn't it?  Back to the Black Site maintained by the Chicago Police Department.  And whether this blog will still be allowed in the future.  After all it is Free speech. 

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