Friday, September 4, 2015


                                                    Ronald Reagan

     There are disturbing things happening now and most people here do not know how to make a difference.  There is a lot of lip service paid to politics and individual initiative.  Honesty, bravery, loyalty, and things that used to be qualities that were strived for are made to be wrong headed.  Going to church on Sunday is deemed to be good enough and the principles there are left in the pews and lives are spent pursuing other gods.
     The most many people have to do with the police is being shot by radar and getting a ticket or making a joke about the cops and donut shops.  Yet they are our friends and neighbors. 
     Unlike Baltimore if there is a problem you don't call a Black Panther for protection you call 911 and expect prompt response by someone in uniform to come to your aid.  And now these people are targets.
      I come from the Fire & EMS service as a background as well as the rural roots that I love.  I had a delivery person ask me a while back if we were afraid to live so far out in the middle of nowhere.  I had a weird look and asked her what is there to be afraid of?
     We have an excellent Sheriff's department and great EMS, a fire service that puts out more fire with homebuilt trucks (instead of expensive equipment), and we can and would defend ourselves.  What is there to be worried about?
      One of the hot topics in the Fire and EMS service now is wearing bullet proof vests.  The changes on the street have gone wild past what I dealt with when I was on the street.  Back then we were considered the good guys.
      It is still a question as to what makes someone run towards danger when everyone else is running away.  That question will never be answered.  Even as officers are being gunned down all over the country.  As first responders are having to watch their backs as well as the fire or patients in front of them.
     It has been observed that we are only 20 minutes away from anarchy.  Without the presence of those who serve our society would break down as Ferguson and Baltimore.  Yet there are those who advocate this and most important there are those who are so cozy that they support the politics and politicians that allow our society to disintegrate.
     We have been given a society that freedoms are something taken for granted.  We cannot anymore.  For standing for your faith and beliefs you can be jailed, scorned, attacked, and lose your job.  If you put a comment on Facebook criticizing the president or anything else that is not the darling cause of the moment, you will pay a price.
     One boy who wants to be a girl can make all the girls in a high school put up with him in their locker rooms and bathrooms.  This will be allowed because simple decency has been removed from the schools and to go against simple scientific fact will allow lawyers a field day.
     I will leave the results of this to your imagination if it had taken place when I was in school.  But I am a dinosaur.
     I want to admonish every decent person to watch the backs of our police and first responders.  When they are down they are in grave danger and you are in grave danger.  At some point to have to do more than step over the body like the people in the convenience store in New York did.  Call for backup before you continue to shoot pictures with your I phone.
     There is a line from a favorite movie of mine from one of my favorite actors.  It has to do with the edge that a gunfighter needed to face an opponent.  "You have to be willing".  What that means is the edge is realizing that you may take a bullet but you are willing to win.  You have to be willing to put it all on the line to make sure that evil does not win.  It may demand that you put yourself into harms way to assist another.  You have to be willing.
      To the Officers, Military, Fire, EMS I offer this from a popular TV show from years ago.  From the Sergeant after the briefing to his people.  HEY, HEY, HEY, LETS BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!  To the rest of us, keep your eyes open and lets keep them safe.

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