Thursday, September 17, 2015


                                                              Mason Cooley

      The fact that I have never been married can result in many feelings that can include lonely.  But there are many forms of lonely and this country is having a crisis where the individual is being pushed to conform to the  politically correct or be ostracized and isolated.  But to be an individual can also be isolating from people who are in general agreement with your positions but do not like the way you speak or write them.
     The norm now is to be worried about standing for what you really believe.  As a rule I have had a great experience putting my opinions and observations into print.  I have also received my share of flack from those opposed as well as those who are supporters.
     We get news today from so many sources that it is hard to determine which is legitimate and what is deliberately masquerading as reality.  I see so much hate that comes from people who listen or read out of context bites.  When I put my opinions out I try to research as much as I can and I have made some mistakes.  I am human, what did you expect?  I will continue to make mistakes.  But I will still try to give you a thoughtful view from where I set.  Which has the backdrop of these wonderful hills and makes it difficult to believe that the things are happening in the world that are.
     I will not compare myself to any great person in history but there has to be someone that will raise their voice as Dietrich Bonheoffer did in Nazi Germany.  We have become so desensitized to evil from the incredible exposure of fiction that we do not distinguish between evil and good.  This time there will be no excuse of not knowing what is happening.
      But when I put forth an observation I risk even offending my friends.  What will be labeled 'hate speech' is beyond my control.  I suggest that whomever you believe to be a total clown and despicable that you listen to everything in context and with a desire to discern right from wrong, good from evil.
     If this leaves me or you lonely I guess that is just the way it is.  Loneliness can be in a crowd or by yourself.  So be it.
     We kill the unborn and stand by and tolerate the selling of the parts for a huge profit.  We see video after video where Planned Parenthood officials make jokes about the dead, or not just dead yet, infants.  And our tax money is used to support them without our consent.  We see the people doing it regarding it with total indifference.  Yet we are ridiculed when we do point it out and demand it be stopped.
      We watch people being beheaded, burnt, drowned, blown up, all in the name of a religion from the 8th century and do nothing about it.  Even when they promise to bring it to our own shores.  And we allow a government totally out of control bring these people here to settle in the name of being humane.  Yet a Christian family cannot seek refuge here and a well known personality who has some values is ridiculed for, and is willing, to meet these refugees and walk them across our border.
     300 cities in the US refuse to cooperate or enforce immigration laws and as a result we have murders from illegal's who come back after being deported time and again.  Also the worst gangs of the inner cities are swelling in size from the members coming from across the border.
     Universities allow no discourse of anything that goes against the official speak that they promote.  They give students 'rights' to be free from free expression.  Students are loaded with wrong, vial, and tainted information, loaded with debt and turned loose to find out in the real world it takes knowledge, effort, curiosity, and information to make it.
     God is banned from everything then when evil happens there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth and yet no one invites God back in.  Standing for principles is bashed because of the life that was lead before being saved.  God forgives but men don't.
     So if you insist on speaking the truth as you understand it be the lone voice in the wilderness.  It is not so bad out here.
     Groups that have demanded recognition of our country are speaking for and advocating the killing of cops.  And the start of a race war, yet go untouched.  And to oppose them is considered racist.
      Is it so bad to want a president, congress, and supreme court that recognizes the Constitution and return this country to greatness?  Is it so bad to desire candidates that do not scoff at the law and rules as applying to someone else and not them?  Is it so bad to want the thought of attacking our country and our people to be made so frightening that war is not a choice?
     Sometimes the old Roy Orbison song (Only the Lonely) hits pretty close to home.

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