Thursday, October 29, 2015


                                Yogi Berra

     Just some observations here.  Do people ever look at themselves or listen to what they say on TV? 
      Weather people have got to be the most not aware of what they say and do.  Next comes TV news reporters.  Not naming names but one weatherman I give this advise:  Unbutton that jacket, when that button pops off it may knock out a lens or your director.  To several weather women:  Really, get someone with taste to pick out your clothes today.
     Here in Kansas we are never "Plagued" by rain unless your car is floating away and we have had rain for months.  Stop saying that!  I don't care if the little league has to cancel today. 
     Weather people, your fascination with where the weather went is not as important as where it is coming from.  Rain in Southeast Kansas is not in your viewing area, they cannot hear you.  Storms to the southwest line up on your town.
     Check the squelch on your radar.  When you show rain every day on the radar in northwest Kansas and they are still in the drought zone three months later means they did not get that rain.
     When the light rain you show on radar may not be hitting the ground, THAT IS A CLOUD!  When you show heavy rain over a spot you might want to check the area, the last 10 rains over us were not there.  Maybe you could check the accuracy of the radar location wise.  Google maps can't find anything out here, is your radar calculated off of them?
     There is no dramatic value to me or most people to stand by the side of a snowy road and point at the ground and tell us "this is snow".  We know what snow looks like.
     When reporting on floods and telling the public to stay out of the water you look ridiculous standing up to your waist in it and saying 10 inches could sweep you away.  Or standing in three inches of water and saying it used to be up to there.  Really!
     Quit telling people to not try to get a good picture of a tornado when you are running people off the road to get a good picture of a tornado.
      News people, if you are reporting from the scene of a crime from a half mile, or blocks away, the picture of a cop car running it's lights blocking anyone from getting closer is not news.  Pointing down the street and not seeing anything does not impress when you say it is going on down there and we cannot get any closer.
     Advertisers, there are a precious few that can make a cute commercial that gets our interest or makes us laugh.  The  rest just tick us off.  You think I am going to do business with someone that irritates me?  Doing the big box store commercial, when the 2x4 is pulled off the shelf, don't you think pulling the scabbiest one off the pile is not a good representation of quality?
     I have never and never will do business with car dealers that have to scream and act like idiots.
     And remember when the 'law' was passed that the commercials could not be turned up louder than the regular programing?  Well where is the prosecution of that because the ads still blare?
     Cable and satellite TV companies.  Do you even watch the worthless programming?  Who really comes up with the subjects of these shows?  It is beyond belief that I can have 500 channels of programing paying absorbent prices and have times that there is NOTHING on to watch.
     Finally network news people.  A little truth in reporting would be nice.  I don't give one whit what you or your boss want to support or attack.  We just want the facts.  As unreasonable as this may sound to you, we can make up our own mind if given the straight information.
     If you don't agree with this, I quote Yogi Bara again, "I really didn't say everything I said".

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