Thursday, October 1, 2015


                                 Black Hawk, Sauk

     What has been happening at the hand of government that has no basis in right and honorable is lamented by many.  However, when the wrongs of the past are continued by a government that has no sense of right, wrong, decency, and morality, there should be outrage.  And those who raise the issues of the past the most are guilty of perpetuating the wrongs today.
     The disaster of the Gold King Mine that released millions of gallons of toxic chemicals into the Animas River was done by and with the forewarned knowledge of the EPA.  Warnings were there before they commandeered the mine and started the process of disaster.  Even a week before it happened a geologist sent a letter to the Leadville CO. newspaper warning of the disaster.  Checking the papers web site the first thing that is shown is "Yes we printed that letter".  The volume of inquiries prompted them to post this to save the time of responding to each request and reference of the paper for that week.
      Had this been caused by any private company there would be a major uproar.  Investigations would be held, jobs would be lost and indictments made.  Yet no official has lost their job or faces criminal charges.
     Yet as the yellow poison flowed down the river focus was on the immediate area.  The major part of the river flows through the Navaho Reservation and they were given no notice.  And when asking for help received more from private organizations that the government that caused the problem.  On a reservation that has grinding poverty and a history of the brutal treatment of the tribe the government continues the indifference and miserable treatment of the people.
     According to the President and Vice President of the Navajo Nation there has been virtually no return of calls or action from the government.  Their farmers and ranchers are being devastated and the one's that caused the problem are doing nothing. 
     Worse yet the Animas River flows into a slow moving river where the poisons will settle out and cause long term problems.  It is not safe for human or animal to drink the water.  The organic production that the Navajo farmers and ranchers live by has been ruined.  And the little that was done for them was withdrawn after the spotlight was gone.  Now it is back to business as usual.
     It has been ignored and nothing done on the same reservation about radioactive uranium spills on reservation land.  As bad as this is it is not isolated.  At the same time on Apache Reservation land the Government with the backing of John McCain, AZ state senator, a mine is being started by outside companies with no permission or input from the tribal council.
     Is it any mystery that the persistent mental state of the native people is of a defeated people?  People pay lip service to the atrocities of the past and yet still perpetuate the wrongs today.  Native people were herded onto the worst land that no one wanted originally and when value is found on that land it is stolen from the tribes again.
     We live here in the center of the country and have minimal contact with the sheer might of the all powerful central government.  Many even support the ability of government to make all decisions of how to live.  We should take warning from the continued treatment of those being run over by a government that uses its power to ignore science and commons sense and justify what ever it wants to do.
     Yet to come:  The replacement of UN Agenda 21 with Agenda 2030.

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