Saturday, November 21, 2015


                              AND IT'S COWARDICE."
                                                         George Jackson

     I have lived six decades.  Of course to some that makes me a pup and to others it makes me an old fart.  Some would even call me a curmudgeon. I have had a lot of interests and done many things.  I once had a resume made for myself.  When it was finished the woman that put the facts into some sort of order, that would be understandable to anyone considering me for something useful, had one comment to make.  "According to your resume you have led a very impressive life".  My response to that was "yes maybe, but it could also be construed that 'that joker couldn't hold down a job'."
     I have a life long interest in history.  I love knowing what made things happen the way they did.  I know that our fore-fathers and mothers were a whole lot tougher than we are.
     I do also realize that politicians have not changed any in hundreds of years.  I also have a disgust for the way that the press has acted for all the years of our great experiment in freedom having shaded the truth for their particular outlook and opinion.  That is why news reporting cannot be the sole guide for figuring out what happened in history and why.  It is almost certain that the generation that records history has to pass away before the digging can begin to get at the truth.  And then the record can be shaded according to the opinion of the researcher.
     I always loved the statement made by the police detective Joe Friday on the TV show Dragnet.  "Just the facts".  Building history is like a great detective case, you have to build the case.
     Now I can be a patient person.  I have to be.  BUT there is something that bothers me!
     Since I was born in the 1950's I have always heard the term 'DEVELOPING COUNTRY'.  Generally in reference to countries that are at the outset poor.  Many were colonies.  Many have been conquered many times over by aggressors, dictators, and invaders.
     So how long does it take for a 'developing' country to ever get there?  I don't know.  It seems that as a nation we have been helping 'developing countries' forever.  It seems that the powers that be around the world are happy to have a large part of the world as developing.
     As a nation who is first and foremost always there for those who are not achieving success, we are demonized not only by other countries but by those with agendas in our own country.
     Can a developing country ever develop if it is used as a cheap source of labor?  What is so hard about building a society in a developing country into a self sustaining and self respecting country?  Many clichés can be used here.  But I believe that it seems to be the interest of many that ignorance, poverty, and oppression serves their agenda better than prosperity.
     Most of the people of the United States are fed up by politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists that keep the money flowing to everywhere in the world and cut the essentials here at home.
      Foreign Aid seems to be a no brainer to be able to get spending under control but it is not allowed to be determined by the congress who gets all the money.  The package is passed whole or not at all.  This is not only wrong but stinks to high heaven.  And both parties are to blame.
     As a student of history I have to go back to the intent of the founding fathers.  In all the annals of history there has not been a group of people who saw so far into the future and tried to provide for and defend against those who would tear down what we so dearly love and enjoy.
     My patience has been pushed too far for members of congress spending a lifetime in office beholding to no one other than who pays the most.  If a true statesman would rise up attempting to take back control and put the country back to the point of where it leads by example, he would be taken down.
     My patience with those who manipulate the education of our people, seek to take control of all aspects of our lives, and replace individual responsibility with rules and regulations, is gone.
     When freedom of speech has been reduced to freedom for you to agree with the correct thought, it is too much.  When freedom to worship is replaced by enforced humanism, it is too much.  When your property and money can be taken by accusation rather than conviction, it is too much.  When you disagree with the point of view of those that are the loudest and that makes you a bigot, it is too much.
     When a group of people repeatedly say that they want to kill and destroy you, your family, and everything you stand for, it is too much.
     As the cartoon once said with one vulture talking to another "PATIENCE MY FOOT, I AM GOING TO KILL SOMETHING."

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