Tuesday, November 17, 2015


                          ARE DOOMED TO STAND BY HELPLESSLY
                    WHILE EVERYONE ELSE
                   REPEATS IT."

      The first part of this quote is attributed to several people including Edmund Burke, and George Santayana.  Many others have said it in various forms and is one of my favorite quotes.  Yet I found it in this form in a cartoon.  Picture a depressed historian setting in his study visiting with another speaking these words.  That is how those who have taken words seriously and look past the politically correct feel.
     We have been taught distorted and misconstrued stories even by those who should, and do know better.  Now we have hacks who lecture us their only qualifications being that they are either elected to office or self appointed to 'inform' us as the press.
     The press who was designed by the founders as the fourth unofficial part of our republics government have shirked the constitutional protections that they enjoy and advocate the repeal of other guarantees to others.  And how are future journalists being trained?  Go to the film of the protests of the rioters at the University of Missouri.  Watch the screaming hateful woman calling for "muscle" to remove the reporter from filming the protest.  A professor of journalism at the school.  One who teaches about using the first amendment insisting that it be denied to another.
     Words do matter.  When a government can not call a group what they call themselves.  When they ignore the very words that the people say.  To use misdirection and lies to divert the attention that any thinking person knows is wrong, there is an agenda.
     So many are surprised at what happened in Paris.  Not really, only those who keep perpetuating these politically correct lines and views.  Most of the things that have happened and are happening are no surprise to anyone who actually listens to what is said.  And then see the actions that those who promise to kill us and burn us, it is no surprise.
     One commentator has been listing and predicting everything that has been happening for ten years and the mainline media and political machines have all called him crazy.  Yet no one is admitting that they were wrong and the 'crazy' ones.
     I am reminded of a quote of a comedian "you can't fix stupid".  It is no laughing matter now.  I see this stupidity displayed on a daily basis by people who try to convince you and me that they know more than what we hear and see.
      It is amusing to me setting out here on the hill and when I go somewhere and am recognized all the support that I am getting for my thoughts.  The flack I used to receive has either gone silent or they just give up on scolding me for my opinion.  I see this as a great source of encouragement.  It also gives me a little hope that people when prompted can think for themselves and not get their talking points each morning from a political group.
      It is gratifying for me to hear someone tell me "I don't necessarily agree with you but you made me think.  Thanks.
     Words do matter.

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