Tuesday, January 19, 2016


                        DARKNESS OF MEN'S HEART-
                SUCH IS THE DUTY OF
                THE ARTIST."
                                                Robert Schumann

     Art is something that has an appeal to many if not most people.  We like to surround ourselves with things that marks our interests and identities.  It is a part of not being included in the boring sameness that the world would love to put you into.  Many, especially myself, do not like to be categorized into rigid definitions.  Some to the point of being almost radical about it.
     If you come up on the hill and look at our place you will see the walls covered in things that interest us and define what we love and are comfortable with.  A formal decorator may be abhorred at what they see here.  I prefer to call our style organized chaos.
     You will see here our love of the outdoors, history, the west, wildlife, family, and things made by hand by ourselves and others.  Most see what we do.  Those who don't really don't matter they can like or not like what they see.
     Looking out of our windows at these Gypsum, Red, or Cedar Hills as they have been called, is like looking at a work of art that is ever changing.  Those who wonder why we are here come and see and go "OK we see now".
     I have been neglectful in the fact that there is a new art museum in Pratt.  I always have the intention of stopping by and seeing the latest traveling show and just have not made it.  I will be getting there now however.
     There is a showing of four artists from Medicine Lodge or having ties here.  Earl Kuhn, Elisa Stone, Caroline Norton, and David Vollbracht will be showing at the Vernon Filley Art Museum in Pratt from February 6 until April 8, 2016.
      This is a chance for everyone to stop by this wonderful new museum and see the art of some great artists.  I am sure that the opportunity to purchase some of their art will be provided.
     Norton, Kuhn, and Stone all have studios in Medicine Lodge.  There is a great art heritage in this part of the world and at one time I had been trying to open a gallery on Main street.  I have always had the dream of downtown Medicine Lodge turning into a thriving artists colony.  We are close, it is just not so obvious.
     There will be a reception where you can meet the artists on Saturday Feb. 6t at 6PM.  Members get in free and admission for non members is $10.  I will be becoming a member.
     In the South Gallery Room will also have a guest artist photography exhibit.  DENNIS HODGES "A SENSE OF HIS SOUL" from Jan. 14 to March 18.
     The exhibition is sponsored by the Pratt Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.
     For information on the Vernon Filley Art Museum go to:

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