Saturday, January 23, 2016


                  EXPERT ADVICE."
                                                  Random Thoughts

          I have had many people who ask me "how I can come up with ideas to write about on a regular basis?"  It is not always an easy thing to come up with a good answer for.  I can only establish the rottenness of the political class so many times without people throwing up their hands and run screaming.  Some do anyway.
     Can it be the mood I am in?  That does not sustain a readable line for very long.  However mood does play a part.  For example:  I have a doctor who actually talks with me and not at me, as a result I am spending more time in new places trying to figure out how I can get back some of what is missing from my spunk.  Trying to find out where my get up and go got up and went.
      After answering the latest repeat of my health history and getting the question "do you feel depressed" seven different ways, you might say my mood is not sterling.  While my arm aches from the attempts to draw blood gases, the news on all stations is all reporters standing in snow, windy, blizzard saying stay inside.  The view outside my window are varying shades of gray.   You might say the mood is not rosy.
     My computer is doing very strange things like it is trying to edit my thoughts.  You could say my mood is not good.  There could be other things also.  Just as the pronouncement of the Emperor (aren't you proud I did not call him Der Fuhrer this time) that the economy is wonderful and employment is at an all time high. Our local economy has just suffered the loss of a couple companies and others are laying off workers.  This puts a whole new pressure on everything from the retailers, schools, tax base, and where the new jobs are going to be found?
     Then there are the communities that just received the news that the Wal Mart store that moved in is moving out.  Or St. John getting word from Cincinnati that they will no longer have a grocery store.  This could put strain on a mood.
     Rest assured that the two parties will be battling each other in a decidedly distasteful way for the next few months.  It is a wonder that anyone can be in a good mood.
     Well I am going to do the American thing of watching the playoffs and hoping the Super Bowl is worth watching.  I am not in worry of where my next meal is coming from.  The electricity is on and I am semi-warm.  I do not have to get out of the house for anything other than going to church.  I am reading a good book.  So I must be in a good mood.  Don't ya think?

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