Tuesday, June 14, 2016


                                                        Charles Spurgeon

     Waking up to the news that a horrible mass shooting has occurred in Florida is not the way I like to start a day.  I may not agree with the lifestyle that others choose to live but no one deserves to be murdered for it.  And as bad as the tragedy is the worst is only about to start.  That is because those who believe in not wasting a good disaster for political purposes are about to start the unseemly process of self appointing themselves to attack whoever they are opposed to.
     It sickens me that the news media as the events are unfolding begin going crazy over officials saying that they believe there is a link to terror on the shooters behalf.  The number one concern for the news is why they are saying this?  How utterly predictable and disgusting. 
     It is not the major concern about the reports being politically correct, it is the loss of life.  Quit turning the focus of the story to the narrative that you want to fit it in.  There is a reason that reporters are pushed back blocks from the scene.  Sometimes I wonder what the public information officer on the scene did to warrant being put in to deal with the questions of these people?
     It was a sure thing that immediately someone would start howling about guns.  Bernie believes that machine guns are sold at Wal-Mart.  And he is running for president?  Any number of stupid statements are made and the display of ignorance is a contest.
     I have never figured out why the first thing anyone wants to do after something like this is to go after the Constitution and the freedoms that we have.  Those who are first to go after our rights are the ones who stand the most to lose.  It has never made sense to me.
     There is a problem in this country with the recognizing that when someone tells you that they are at war with you, you are at war.  Whether you want it or not.  There is much hand wringing over whether the authorities missed something.  Well they did, because the fundamentals of dealing with warring factions has been taken out of the play book.  All of the facts come together after the fact.
     There are two indisputable facts from the shooter in Orlando.  He was Muslim and not an NRA member.  What are the first two things that will be put into the debate?  Muslims are not at war with us and it is the NRA's fault.
     When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor there was no question that we were at war.  When the Marines were sent into Tripoli there was no question that we were at war.  When the declarations of a group say that they are at war and kill Christians, blow themselves up, and declare war on the United States we are at war.
     When will politics be put aside, the enemy identified, and the country unifies to destroy those who swear to kill or enslave us?  When Admiral Yamamoto was congratulated on his great victory over the US his remark was "I believe we have awakened a sleeping giant."  
     What will awaken the sleeping giant now?  He seems to be drunk or high on chaos.

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