Sunday, June 26, 2016


                                                             Abraham Lincoln

     I once knew a man that was proud of being ignorant.  He had decided that education past what he had was a sign of being uppity and if you used a word that was larger than eight letters or gave the sound of being learned, he would become hostile.  It was not that he was stupid he just took the position that being too well versed in things more than what he was interested in was irritating to him.  He had a lot of talent and what he did do he was very well versed.  It was taking the skepticism of educated people to a radical extreme.
     I spent a lot of time in classes and seminars and though I was never burdened by a degree it has put me in the disadvantage in some areas.  It has also freed me to think for myself and conduct my education along lines that make sense to me.  Too many times I have witnessed the walling up of knowledge into hard and fast boundaries and to disagree with the accepted theory was as a personal attack.
     Freedom to think and have differing views is what makes this country work.  The system that was put into place has done a pretty good job for building a great nation.  Yet, little by little in numerous ways we are now at the point where to have a different opinion opens you to personal attack both physical and verbal.
     With the knowing or unwitting actions we are on a course where liberty is something that may be studied in the future (likely in secret) after it is long gone.  And of course it makes perfect sense to those who pay no price for what they enjoy, and those who feel that it is owed to them.
     For some reason people have been educated, led, influenced, that there are costs for being able to live your life as you see fit.  The media and self appointed experts keep the herd moving and promote the line determined by those who would be the power.
     It is interesting to me how the 'experts' are forecasting doom and gloom over England voting to leave the European Union.  The sky is falling is the cry from every major outlet.  And yet I am sure the same was said about an upstart United States who decided to not be governed by a government outside their country by bureaucrats that answer to no one. 
      Wonder where England came up with the idea to handle their own government?  Maybe 240 years ago?  Could be.
     What is sure is that it will take two years to fully affect the process of leaving the EU.  The jobs and businesses have not changed any.  Imports and exports have not changed.  Those who play the markets will make a killing selling short and then catching the rising markets again.
     And do not forget those who blame our presidential race for the event.  REALLY?  Who was it said do not let a good disaster be wasted?  We will finally be through this time of mud and slander in November.  It is going to be along trip.
     The quote that I started this essay with by Lincoln was also the line that my mother's history teacher had warned her class about so many times that she remembers it to this day.  It has been my position also.
     Looking ahead to November and then 2020.  Yuk!

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