Sunday, July 24, 2016


                                                             John Buford

     It is always said that the next election is the most important in our life.  It always seems that it is a convenient attempt to jar people from their indifference and vote.  Yet it is more than a right to vote, it is an obligation.  Yet even those who have enough honor left to walk in, hold their nose, and cast the vote forget that the choice is meant to be an informed vote.
     Well looking back on previous votes the plea to the fear of losing our country has become a possibility.  How is a serious citizen suppose to make an informed vote when the lies and accusations come so fast and heavy the truth is the biggest casualty?
     Disgusted is the best definition that I can produce when trying to make sense out of today's politic.  The historian in me fears the fact that the USA has made it just about as long as any government has lasted in history before falling.  And the falling is due mostly to a societies own hubris and greed.
     Sometimes I think that when we die before peace and mercy prevail there will be relatives who died to keep our country free will come up and slap our face before we receive our fate.  Grand parents will come up and show disgust with us for not taking to our raising.  We were all raised better and the sense of hoping that those who have gone beyond will look back at us with pride.
     Never have I seen such hatred and impolite behavior from people as I have during this election cycle.  I am sickened every time I watch TV and it extends to the mail and the so called news sites on line.  It has gotten to the point that it is impossible to sort out what news site is legitimate and those who are deliberately creating lies just to stir up the hatred of people.
     It amazes me as to what people that I know to be decent people believe and support.  This is on all sides not just one.  I am so happy not to be voting for the candidates in another district because of the needless mudslinging and facts that seem to be pulled from thin air.  If I was in that district I would seriously look at the Prohibition candidate.  At least you pretty well know what the platform is there.  But then again a good stiff drink maybe the only way to tolerate what is going on.
     Sometimes when I get mad at those who think that the American people are so stupid that they have to be herded like sheep.  And then I see the sheep lining up and wonder if they don't have something going on there?
     Many times I have complained that I have not been able to vote for my candidate since Ronald Reagan.  And here I am again.
     When I go in and make my choice I have to decide whether to vote for a proven criminal enterprise or an unproven criminal enterprise.  There is only one thing that I can do.

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