Friday, July 1, 2016


                                                  A mothers advice

     The quote I heard from a very successful man, who became a success in spite of his birth, circumstances, and hardships.  I did not catch his name but I will, and I will buy his book.  He is so inspirational in what he has overcome and where he is at today that his story should be required reading.
     I am also writing this to come out after we have celebrated our nations independence so the superfluous partying is over and serious thought needs to be taking place.  As a society we have been led by those who would impose their will and ideology on the nation.  Without a rebirth of individual thinking and independent study, our nation which has come at so high a price, can be lost.  This while many cheer on the loss.
     I just finished the book of an early day pioneer who moved through Missouri, Kansas, and then made the first run into Oklahoma.  Even in the early days when life was hard and the weak were soon weeded out, there were people who came along to take advantage of the goodwill and charity of others, and believed that they should be given half of whatever another had.  He describes giving the man the means to plant a crop and food to get through the winter, and then finding that the man did not do anything about planting the crop.  The family ate the food provided them leaving others with their debt and moving on.  Those people you do not read about in history for doing anything noteworthy.
     The term American Dream is a 20th Century term and does not reflect on the original reason that people came here.  It has more to do with having 'things' rather than doing things that matter.  So what is the American Dream of your children?  Have you talked or gotten any sense of what the 'dream' is for them?
     The original 'dream' seems to have been forced out of popular culture.  Doing what feels good is more important than doing what is right.  All through time the parents have wanted a better world for their children and grandchildren than what they had.  This has slid into having a bigger house, more money, massive debt, and following what groups want you to follow.
     I am an American.  I do not hyphenate what kind of American.  My ancestry comes from German, Scottish, English, and possibly more.  So I do not hyphenate myself and do not understand why others do.  Those who promote this have a goal of sowing division.  Going to the socialist handbook their definition of many that support these goals of division are "useful idiots".
     So the fireworks have been blown off, food has been packed away, and it is time to go back to whatever it is that you do.  After this are you grateful for what we have?  Do you appreciate what has been done by others who have come before you?  Are you willing to do the time to study as to what you believe and put it into practice?  After this, are you proud to be an American?
     So many times in the past this Republic would have fallen without the apparent support of the great I AM.  Have we gone down the wrong path at times?  Yes.  Will we make mistakes again?  Yes.  But will we ever humble ourselves again and begin to recognize what is good and evil?  I don't know.  But if you think that someone else will do it for you I believe I know the answer.

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