Monday, August 8, 2016


                                   American Cattlemen
                                      borrowed from Milo E. Yield

     My readers give me a kick.  I can get all tied up in what is happening and there will be someone from out of no where compliment me on my stories.  Not everyone agrees with me but would it not be a boring world if they did?  I have stated many times that if the reader thinks, after reading my opinion, that is my goal.
     It is not hard to get worked up over all the arrogance and obviously superior attitudes that are used by the news media, the political parties, and people who just make things up and put on line to stir the pot.  It seems that the sense of humor of the land has been lost.  But then look at what passes as a comedian today.
     I am declaring here and now that I am an old fogy.  I do not have to reach a certain age to love the comedians that I grew up with and they did not have to be nasty and vulgar.  They could make you laugh at yourself and not make you mad.  They could create such ridiculous stories that you laughed until you hurt.  I enjoy the clips of the old routines that are posted online.  The only contemporary comedian that I can enjoy today is a Redneck and a Puppeteer.
     It is virtually impossible to poke fun at something today without some group deciding that it is 'hate speech', and want to pass laws to prosecute you.  Like they never heard of the Constitution.
     It is difficult to crack a joke now because it blows over the head of who you tell it to.  Used to be that a joke was recognizable.  But of course now all the jokes run for office.
     I am forever grateful for all the papers that recognize what and why I write my column.  And I promise you Aunt Gladys that I will try to not make every column about politics.  Of course others may be getting tired of hearing about my book.  Oh well I am safe in the knowledge that it is hard to please everyone but simple to tic everyone off.
     I hope you will join me as a member of PETA-PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS.