Friday, August 5, 2016


                                        Red Green

     Well it is a potpourri of things this week to distract your attention to the guy behind the curtain.  One guy is being scolded by all who is against him for being not fit to become the new Potus.  And yet those who scream the most and think this guy would be the worst president are the same people that think the current Potus would be great.  Huh.
     Let's see, according to the insurance people locally the health insurance rates are going up around 45% at the first of the year.  OK.
     Then people who could not afford to buy insurance still can't but are being fined for not doing so.  Hum.
     The other candidate wants an apology from her opponent to apologize to a man shaking a pocket Constitution who's faith believes that the Koran supersedes the Constitution.  I am still waiting on her to apologize for getting an ambassador and three other Americans killed.  Then lying about it and calling the families liars.  Well isn't that special.
     A guy I know had a job that he loved and it had the benefits he wanted and it was not a bad paying job for a rural area.  Somehow he started hurting and they found a compression fracture of a disc.  No problem the fix is a fifteen minute procedure.  Making the appointment ready for the fix and HOLD IT!  The insurance company says it is an experimental procedure you can't do it!  But it has been standard treatment for 25 years.  Under every other circumstance they cover it.  But not now. By the way he doesn't have that job anymore. Short story, I remember the promise that there would be no committees to override the doctors.  NOT Now.
     A friend of mine has been fighting cancer for at least a decade.  Three times it went into remission and the last time the doctor told him "boy you just made it under the line, two months more and we could not start this treatment.  Where did I hear NO DEATH PANELS?  Oh yeh, Potus said it.  By the way there is no trace of the cancer now.  Isn't he lucky?
     The Democrats are delighted, the Republicans have killed their party.  We are told that the candidate has been cleared by the FBI, the same FBI that shot Lavoy Fincum and his truck with a woman and child on board on their way to a meeting with the county sheriff. The same FBI who gave up on DB Cooper, and will now investigate whatever the distracting thing is.
     An airplane just happens to unload $450,000,000 in cash in Iran on the same day that hostages are released in Switzerland.  But that is just a coincidence.  The Iranians have fired four rockets in the last months when it violates the treaty.  But their just feisty.
     At least the mudslinging is over for a week or two before things heat up again here.
      What a Wonderful World. I just can't get that song out of my mind!

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