Saturday, August 6, 2011

What in the world?

As I look at the 'breaking news' this morning my heart just sank.  The news from Afganistan is that a helicopter was shot down by the Taliban and it was one of our giant Chinooks.  38 men were killed 25 of them Navy Seals.  I have waited for the day to pass some so my initial reaction would not be so emotional.  The question always is why are we there?  In a country whose major crop is poppies for the Heroin trade, a religion that has sworn to kill Americans, Jews and destroy the countries.  And our "allies" in Packistan allow the homade IUD's to be produced there and brought across the border to kill and maim our troops.
     Maybe I am tired of the blood being spilled by our troops for a Government who uses their salaries as hostage for political debate.  Lives and families are affected forever by a cause we all forget now.
     There is a saying that war is hell.  It is more than true.  But I am tired of playing by a set of rules with an 8th century people who worship the 2nd Moon god of Arabia.  We have the firepower to take out our enemies and will not use it.  But we will continue to sacrifice our sons and daughters on the alter of civilized behavior.
     I do not care what the world thinks of us, they should know that the penalty they pay for being an active enemy is way beyond the price they are willing to pay.  And if they insist on being martyers they we should arrange the trip.  This was the startegy of the Cold War and no nukes were ever dropped.
     One Navy Seal that we lost today is worth more than the entire congress and executive branch that sends them there.  I am not distinguishing parties this is my blanket feeling.
    I believe it was John Adams who said, "one fool is a shame, two fools is a law firm, and more than that is a congress".  AMEN!

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