Tuesday, August 23, 2011


As if rural America does not have enough things to add to it's decline here comes the US Postal Service.  It is amazing that a supposed independent agency, who has brought businessmen into management in the past, has to ask congress politely if they can do anything.  The congress who has spent this country into bankruptcy!
     Now in a cost cutting move there is going to be the elimination of Post Offices all over the country.  Most all in rural communities.  Can the Post Office become more efficient?  YES.  Will they? NO.  The deterioration of service to the majority of the country is a poor way to "improve".
     And the congress seems to be the only way to save the losses.  OK, they are still going to close offices and they have come up with things for service centers and what not.  I am going to ask for all of you to contact your Representative, Senator, and Party area chair people.  Also ask your neighbors, County Commisioners, and City councils to issue letters of support.  We have to create a storm to get attention!
     THIS IS THE IDEA:  When a community loses their zip code they lose identity.  ASK CONGRESS to pass a bill to require all zip codes to be retained.  Automation will have no problem routing mail to the new regional offices.  Ask all you Governing bodies from the State to the local to issue proclamations supporting saving the zip code.
     This is very simple and we all can do this.  Write, E-mail, and Call.  Talk to your friends and neighbors.  LET'S SAVE OUR RURAL IDENTITIES - SAVE OUR ZIP CODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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