Saturday, August 27, 2011


It is fascinating the mind of the liberal.  When confronted with facts go to name calling and insults.  This seems to be a pattern.  There is a difference when I write about "environmental whako's" and when you set down to discuss issues and ideas in a civilized manor.  Seems I upset one reader and this is good.  If you go back to my introduction I promised to get readers worked up.  I am not politically correct and I do not apologize about it.
    When I raise the ire of someone it is because they are forced to think and that is what I am here for.  I have been called in by our local chamber of commerce for attitude adjustment, and you can figure how that went.  There was no screaming and shouting and we walked away, with my attitude intact however.
     I have a problem with what is called pop science and the use or misuse of it by groups with alterior motives.  We are going thru a rash of forest fires in the west because of a culture of 'saving' everything.  There is a culture of put out every fire that we are paying for now.  There is also great outcrys against logging forests.  Even the spirit that the forest service and our great protection of natural places has been subverted.  Teddy Roosevelt advocated multiple use.  Now emotions and politics override solid research.
     The beetle killed forests that environmentalists have been stopping, or slowing down logging of dead timber, have set the stage for even worse fires.  Even in the most liberal areas of Colorado there is going to be clear cutting of areas to protect the Watersheds from fire damage.  Because the fires that will start in the dead timber can stop the useage of water in communities such as Breckenridge and Boseman, MT. there would be bottled water use for 6 months after a major burn of the watershed.
     Research by the most knoledgable scientist Dr. Mark Finney of the Forest Service Missoula Fire Lab has published several studies over the last 10 years on the subject.  Selective clearcut logging slows catastrophic burns and hampers Crown Fires.  A study of the Great Yellowstone Fire cites more catastophic damage from mature forests burning than younger growth.  But where is the study when environmentalists are pushing their agenda.
    Now I am not a technical genius and I do good to get in here and do my blogs.  I have not figured out how to answer criticism from readers so do not expect me to waste my time battleing opinions.  If you are forced to think, good.  If you want to battle wits, you waste your time.  If we were to sit down face to face and had facts and figures on problems we face today we can have civil discourse.  When it is one sided and I call a spade a spade, that is an entirely different thing.

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