Monday, December 12, 2011


     I have just about had it with American Companies sending their jobs overseas.  If you cannot compete because of quality and long company reputation, and have to have labor that is paid slave wages, just shut down.
     It is unbelievable the junk, poison, and poor quality that China produces and yet there are still companies that have to shove the company reputation in the dumpster.  Who am I talking about now?
Yes the company that cowboys, farmers, oil field hands, and many other real American workers have relied on for generations for toughness, quality, and functionality.  In doing research on American made products, I have run into several companies that specialize in American made products.  The story is the same.  They are selling the American made Carharts until the supply is gone.  The production of the Carhart products is going overseas.  I have yet to find a news story about it.
      It is time for AMERICANS to step up and tell these companies to go to hell!  We won't buy crap made overseas as long as Americans are out of work.  If it is because of Union Labor then treat your employees well enough that they don't need to collective bargan!
     If we want to put America back on track then quit patronizing companies that sell the quality of our products for 30 pieces of silver!!!

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