Monday, January 2, 2012


     It is the time of year that everything is new and a positive attitude prevails.  We are all happy and bright because the last year is gone and we are full of hope for the next.  OK I try.  Then I turn on the news and it is the same vast wasteland.  The Iowa Caucases, missing babies, lobster divers in Haiti crippled to provide a 'living' for their families.  Plus the latest divorce by celebraties that I don't know and could care less about.
     I have to withdraw from the TV and wait for the RFD broadcast of the Rose Parade.  Why RFD?  Because the other stations have to continually talk about nothing.  Families all over are watching for their kids in the bands to come marching down the street after laboring to raise money for the trip.  Then the TV stations who traditionally broadcast them cut to talk about zip, and go to commercial.
     I have to commend Patrick Gottsch and RFD for remembering that people want to see everything.  There is limited commercials and Pam Minnick and Orien Samuelson promise to shut up when something interesting is on and also let the bands play.  This is really starting off the new year on a good note.
     For the rest of the country we will be bombarded by lies and accusations about candidate after candidate and the facts will be lost in the nastiness.  With a President and all his cronies that are documented to be socialists and radicals we hope for CHANGE.
     And for all the bums in Congress of all parties may your careers be short and may the states elect someone who really cares about the country being bought and controlled by China.  And may all the radical factions that use causes as another excuse to control a free people, may you finally be exposed for who you are and some form of common sense prevails.
     In a recent interview, a California farmer brought up the fact that within 3 years eggs will not be produced in that state because of regulation and the power of groups who would rather see eggs from China and Beef from Brazil, than let the American Farmer do what he is the best in the world at.
     With all the emotionalism and pop science that takes the place of good practice it makes you very pessimistic.
     So with very mixed emotions I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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