Saturday, April 28, 2012


     There is a wide spread affliction that effects individuals, groups, and communities.  It is called Negativism.  It should not be hard to identify symptoms of it, for it is all too common and is a hard thing to fight.  There is a culture that spreads it and many factors are involved. 
     For a great example tune into your news reports and you get a dose of negativeness on many levels.  It is spread by word of mouth, attitude, hostility, laziness, indifference, and the tendency to not see things as the could be only as they are.
     Negativism sells papers and products.  It witholds innovation and stiffles new ideas.  It dampens enthusiasm and breeds a listless spirit.  For every positive influence there are dozens of negative influences.  Even when the need is dire the tendency to sit on the fence prevails.  This is the attitude that the weather service is trying to overcome when it puts out a severe weather warning.  Look on all the film.  Even when the tornado is crossing a road there is traffic that drives right into it as though by ignoring it it will go away.
     Positivism (my own term coinage) requires not only independent thought but action.  It is not enough to recognise that things could be better and stand on the sidelines.  But what of those who have that positive attitude and creativity that go about there lives in an active manor.  Some will admire, some will scorn, others may be actually hostile.
    The key word that you can recognise negativism is CAN'T.  Another is IT IS TOO HARD.  Also-IT CAN'T BE DONE, WE HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE, THAT WON'T WORK, GOOD LUCK GETTING THAT DONE.  You get the meaning.
      Those who dare to be inovative, creative, want the best for everyone, and lead causes are often discouraged by the lack of vision and the refusal to make the effort to change.  Yes change.  It is an aquired trait.  There are some who perpetually try to make a difference and sometimes they succeed.  Many times they are broken down and join the group.
     So at this point you have to make a personal decision to evaluate where you fit.  Are you a part of the problem or the solution.  Humanity has the tendnecy to follow along and get by.  By being human everyone makes mistakes.  But you can choose which you belong to. 
     The greatest people in history were those who could envision how things should and can be.  Some are celebrated and many are scorned.  There are no guarantee's in life.  Many are never celebrated until they are gone.
     So how will you decide?  The greatest gift and curse that God gave humanity is Free Will.  What will you do with yours?

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