Wednesday, May 2, 2012


     Well it is time for one of my politcally incorrect moments.  The state of the nation and the world is a subject that many agree on but these are of the formerly called 'silent majority'.  We know things are in a mess and the frustrations that everyday people have are getting worse. 
     When it is statistically proven that the United States cannot balance the budget even if they wanted to, and they don't, it cannot be done.  To people who have to pay their bills and taxes the insanity is more than a distraction.  Our politicians on both sides have sold our childrens future out and we will leave a debtor nation to our grandkids to deal with.
     What is even worse is , we have dumbed down our public education so they will not be equiped to deal with it.  We have allowed the government of WE THE PEOPLE, to become WE THE GOVERNMENT KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU.  When we have Federal Judges, and this goes to the Supreme Court, are accepting Shira law.  And there is read into the Constitution authority that it does not grant to the Government as legal, it is a bad day for freedom.
      As a people the Muslim faithful are quickly becoming a majority worldwide.  Radical Muslims have attacked free countries, including ours for 20 years.  Yet it is not politically correct to single out Muslims from the Mid East for scrutiny.  Yet all our conversations online and transmited thru electronic means can be scrutinzed by a government agency that is so huge that Congress has no real control.
     It is amazing to me that many, who hold power in our government, would be classified as treasonous 50 years ago they now go about their business in the wide open.
     As I expected the planned launch of the protests on May Day have occured, and some were violent, and the reporting in the mainstream media has been limited.  The rallies that the Tea Party people have planned for this year are openly being infiltrated with members of the Wall Street Protests and the 99 percenters.  And when trouble breaks out, in a group that has had zero problems in the past, it will be protrayed as a dangerous movement.  We know this because they have told the plans to the world, it is no secret.
     What do everyday people do about all these things?  Well the most important thing is not to meet the violence with violence (although self defense is ok). Then vote.  It is still the most important right of a citizen.  Those who oppose the freedoms that were fought for and a high price has been paid by every generation, must be removed from authority. 
     This starts at the local level, then goes to the state, and finally the national.  If you think this is all you can do there is one more important thing.  PRAY.  This is One Nation Under God, if this is lost what are we then?

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