Sunday, September 30, 2012


     In my last blog I talked some about the liberals and the fact that it is almost no fun any more to provoke them.  The amazing thing is that I have liberals, middle of the roaders, conservatives, and way out right conservatives as friends.  Though I have very few radical left wing friends because I don't attend 99% trash ins and have little tolerance for the views of those who would make us like Cuba or Venezuela.
      There have been various explanations around for a while about the difference between Conservatives and Liberals so I thought I would list my definitions.

       A joke is not funny to a Liberal unless it is insulting to a conservative.
       Tell a joke about a liberal and you are nasty, racist, and a nut job.

      A conservative believes that the opportunity to better ones self is preferred to charity.
      A Liberal feels that no one should improve themselves without help from the government.

     A conservative would teach someone to fish so they would eat for a lifetime
      A liberal wants to give the fish and feed the person with others money.

     If a Conservative does not like a TV or Radio program, or personality they turn it off or don't listen.
     If a Liberal does not like either they want it banned and removed from the air.

      A Conservative believes in the individuals right to gain an education and take personal responsibility for their actions.
      A Liberal believes that the individual is a victim of history or society and that they know what is best for that group.

      A Conservative that is gay lives his life and respects differing opinions.
      A Liberal that is gay wants special rights and privileges and if you don't agree you are a homophobe.  They will parade and bring attention to their choice and anyone who disagrees has no right to an opinion.

      A Conservative Black is attacked as an Uncle Tom or slandered in the media.
      A Liberal Black can hate White people, intimidate voters at the poles, attack verbally without fact and be a media hero.

      A Conservative can say a fact and become involved in a scandal or gaff.
      A Liberal can tell a lie and it will not be questioned by the media.

      A Conservative will respect religious views as long as they do not promote violence.
     A Liberal will respect every religion accept Christianity.

     A Conservative Agnostic simply does not believe.
     A Liberal Agnostic tries to stop the mention of God anywhere anytime.

     A Conservative Atheist lives his life as he sees fit.
     A Liberal Atheist fights against something he believes does not exist as though it does.

     A Conservative may know nothing about your business and let you run it.
     A Liberal may not know anything about your business but will try to regulate how you run it and if you are allowed to run it.

     A Conservative believes in the Constitution and the fact that it protects the rights of those in a minority.
     A Liberal believes the Constitution is an antiquated document and that it should be replaced.

     A Conservative knows that the United States is a representative republic.
     A Liberal believes the United States is a democracy.

      A Conservative knows that as a republic all rights are to be protected.
      A Liberal does not know that democracy is a majority rule and is really mob rule with rights only to those in power.

       A Conservative will either agree or disagree with my writing and if they have a strong feeling they will politely give me their reason or not say anything.
      A Liberal will, well I will tell you how they react later.  Let's see nose tweaking?  I better let that go for a while.

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