Wednesday, September 19, 2012


     I was asked not long ago if I would run for political office.  I was quite shocked but I answered that I doubt if I could ever be elected.  I have this habit of telling things the way I see it and political correctness is not one of them.
     Many think I am a card carrying Republican and are really surprised at how miffed I am at them.  Now I don't even understand liberal thinking and I am not sure about the really hard views of Libertarians but I like a lot of their thought.  I register as Republican because I find that I want to vote for more in that category than the other.  In my county if you don't vote Republican you don't get to vote for most offices like Sheriff.  There is just not enough Democrats in our county to put up a candidate many times.  Besides I vote for the person.
     I have been miffed over the years because the last time I could vote for my candidate for President was Ronald Regan.  I hate the party process and the mind numbing amount of lies.
     There is also one thing I hate worse than the politicians and the parties and that is the so called Main Stream Media.  Mostly because I am incensed at being treated as an idiot by self appointed experts.  I especially hate the commentary after a speech or debate to be told what I just heard.
     If I were on the hot seat being interviewed by Matt Lawry or any others (especially Katie), I would soon be famous for telling them to Kiss My A#@.  I never found an intelligent interview when the reporter is trying to get it to come out the way he or she wants it to.  What about the TRUTH?
      There is no way that you can get the truth without wading thru all the spinning and just plain stupidity.  It amazes me how media people can so relentlessly support policies that will limit the ability to speak freely.  The First Amendment is being thrown out with the bath water and what is the second thing that happens when governments are taken over.  Freedom of the Press.  Oh yes the first thing taken is the Right to Bear Arms and defend yourself from attack.  Seems that the media is cutting it's own throat and smiling while it happens.
      I have come to firmly support that elected officials should serve two terms.  One in office and one in prison.  I am tired of all the lies told by all sides.
      So you see me running for office is not a good thing.  Many times the right thing is just not popular.  I was in an elected office once and it was the most frustrating thing I have done.  I have also worked for public supported agencies and it was equally frustrating.
      I hate politics.

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