Monday, September 24, 2012


     I have friends of all types and a great many are conservative like I am.  I do have several liberal friends that I regularly hear from because of my direct and politically non correct opinions.  (the Arab Spring has not reached here yet so there is still some form of free speech). 
      True to my country upbringing I have a colorful vocabulary usually reserved for breaking things, hitting my thumb, motors not starting, flat tires, and people who have no clue what they are talking about.
      I also have a warped sense of humor that more often than not really ticks off liberals.  It is just too easy to get a Liberal ranting and raving and them not realizing that it was done just to rile them up.  Liberals have no sense of humor.
      There is also a double standard that Liberals hold.  If you agree or compromise with them, you are reasonable.  If you disagree you are (choose one) racist, ignorant, red neck, with out feeling, want all (choose all that apply) women put back to second class citizens, war mongering, world dominating, meat eating, uncaring, slob, republican, Nazi, old people thrown off cliffs, the world to overheat, bible thumping, flag waving, morons.
     The big push now is to compromise.  In the words of Neville Chamberlin, (about Hitler) "we can do business with this man."  No wonder they replaced him with Churchhill to fight the war!
      The big thought being sold by news media, Democrats, and others is that nothing can be done in Washington because there is no compromise anymore.  We are in the state of affairs because of compromise!
      Had the whole of presidents, congress, supreme court, lobbyists, interest groups stuck to the simple set of rules laid down centuries ago called the TEN COMMANDMENTS and then later when Jesus reduced them to two, we would not be on the eve of bankruptcy both financial and moral.
     And speaking of moral bankruptcy I searched the major news outlets about details of VP candidate Paul Ryan's budget proposals.  ABC, Huffington Post, New York Times Washington Post, ect., and I found a lot of general statements about the end of the world but no list of proposals.
     I do not take the attitude of Nancy Pelosi and wait til it is passed before we know what is in it approach.  When I read the actual list of cuts and savings it reflects the fact that we are in bankruptcy and we spend money so foolish that we can do something about it if we have the courage.
      There are some sacred cows being sacrificed here but when you are broke and printing money because even your creditors won't loan you anymore you have to cut.
      It is interesting that there is no specific Democratic proposal that I find.  The Ryan plan is specific and amounts to $2.5 Trillion over ten years.  Think it is drastic?  We are 16 Trillion in debt right now.  To continue on is definitely going to CHANGE America.  We will be a third world debtor country and we will have no say in how our lives will be lead.  And the 'great American experiment' will be over.  And all those who sacrificed to give us the freedoms that we have will be wasted.
      Who will be the great hope of the world?  I don't think Libia or Egypt is going to work out.

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