Sunday, April 21, 2013


    I woke up recently and thought I was having an asthma attack.  It is a condition I carry from the Fire Department.  After taking a treatment I made the  night in good shape.  I was not feeling real good so went to the clinic to just have things checked out.
     We have a rotating doctor that comes to our local hospital to give ours a little break.  She did something that never happened down here before and put me in a wheel chair.  They did tests and to cut it short I found myself in the back of our ambulance running hot to the Kansas Heart Hospital.  I am not used to being on that side of the cot and I can say that gurneys have not gotten any more comfortable.
     Turns out I have blood clots in all 5 parts of my lungs and behind my right knee.  There has been an ongoing effort by all involved to tell me how close I came to not doing any more blogs.
     When you are in the ICU you soon shuck your priorities down to the most basic level.  Of all thing things I hold in esteem I did not appreciate the fact that going to the restroom, by yourself, is the ultimate in freedom.  I do believe that the invention of the bed pan is that of a sadist.  The view out the window of the gas service reminds me of prison, if I were ever there.
     The simple pleasure of a simple meal not designed by a 'dietician' is  another thing that we take for granted.  I do know now how the kids in school feel about food.
      I do know that I was just plain spoiled by the nurses and staff of the Kansas Heart Hospital.  There was a great level of care and service that I will always be grateful for.  I am not recommending that air bed, it tried to throw me out several times.
     I do think that those who make the buying decisions at the hospital spend a week sleeping in the beds and setting on the chairs.  I think things would soon be upgraded.
     It is amazing how things can change in a moment and we are reminded that we are not in charge but do have limited control as to how we recover from these things. 
     I do not like the split tail gown.  It is a fact that your dignity is left at the door but the people make the fact such a non issue that it is easier to concentrate on getting well and not how you look.
      I am overwhelmed with the numbers of well wishes and prayers sent my way.  I was not aware as how many friends I have out there.
     I want to thank everyone at the Medicine Lodge Clinic and Hospital, Barber County EMS, the Kansas Heart Hospital, and the closest pizza place that I threatened to order in while I was there.
      I am afraid it will be a while before I am on stage again but I am still working on new things in western music and running the family B&B.  This will give me time to work out the OH YOU COWGIRL TOUR to come to a historic theater near you soon.


  1. Roger, I'm sorry to say I had no idea of your predicament. I haven't seen you in awhile and evidently was out of the loop. Best wishes on your recovery, and you know. I'm but a phone call away if you should need anything.

    1. Hey
      Roger, Do not let them keep you down too long. But do go slow when get back at it. Keep writing. Prayers for you. Steve Westfahl

  2. Good grief, Roger! What a frightful experience you had to go through! I do hope you fully recover and that you take care of yourself so that you'll not need to see the inside of a hospital again for a long, long time. I feel for you mom too who now has a sick kid on top of a sick papa. I'll keep you all in my prayers asking that your guardian angels work overtime as they watch over you all.