Sunday, April 28, 2013


     With the recent discovery of clots in my lungs and one leg there has been a decided change in my life.  Now we know what has been making me tired and draggy and short of breath, there is more time devoted to resting.  Some would not believe that there was any way I could rest any more than I did.  Oh well!
      This time gives my mind a freedom to run wild which has been a problem anyway.  Ask my friends that put on KANSAS-HOME ON THE RANGE.  One of my ideas which became an obsession.
      With the news of the passing of George Jones I reflect what an influence he was on my music.  It is so sad to lose those hero's that have always been there.  It means that we are all getting older.
      I received an e-mail from my friend Evelyn Neier which pointed out one thing I did not know about George.  Evelyn wrote "George Jones and Tammy Wynette probably sang the only song with Mullinville Kansas in the lyrics..."we're not the jet set.  There's no Riviera in Festus, Missouri. and you won't find Onassis in Mullinville Kansas....."  Wow I did not know that.  It is good to know that Mullinville has a song lyric to go along with their sculptures and round barn.  How many can say the same.
     I did make it to Wellington to the Chisholm Trail Wild West Festival on Saturday for a while.  Where were all of you?  What a great event with a small crowd.  The evening show was well attended.  Hope they keep doing the festival from now on.  It does take some public support.
     This coming weekend I am going to make at least one day at the KANSAS SAMPLER FESTIVAL in Liberal, KS this year.  If you want to see a showcase of everything interesting in Kansas you need to go.  Marci Penner, Wendee LaPlant and a whole host of workers put on the most fun festival of the year.  It is on Saturday and Sunday May 4 & 5.  Hey you can catch a great Cinco De Mayo parade on the 5th and there is a fantastic Italian restaurant in the rail road depot building there.  I have it on good authority that the Kansas Sampler shirts and outerwear have a new look this year.
      Could not make the annual convention of the Kansas Bed and Breakfast Association this weekend.  If you like to explore Kansas go to their website and find the closest member to where you want to go.  It beats a motel by a mile.
     I am upset with a Kansas corporation.  Alco, headquartered in Abilene, is moving to Texas.  The move is partly because of no corporate or personal taxes.  The governor is working to try and make Kansas a job magnet in a similar way.  It is sometimes tough to understand what Topeka is doing but in the end I hope it will be worth it.  I think the big problem with Alco is too many MBA's and no one in positions that have actually worked the floor in a store.  This company used to be Duckwalls.  Which the Duckwall stores were closed and left a hole in many small Kansas towns.  I think that Alco needs to quit trying to be Dollar General and changing to get more food stamp business and become full members of their communities again.
      And speaking of Duckwalls, the Stafford store set empty in the middle of main street and the community took the bull by the horn and created their own Stafford Mercantile.  They also installed an antique soda fountain.  It is the jewel of main street in a town that takes survival seriously. (I hate it that they cannot save the old opera house).
      Well enough of my meanderings.  I hear that Basil had a great bake off in Meade this weekend, maybe we need to do one too.  Darn I cannot eat cake and pie anymore.  Oh well!

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  1. So when are we going to get around to doing that Gazebo concert? July perhaps? maybe the second week or something?