Thursday, March 5, 2015



     As a younger person, which was just not that long ago, I would be out in the cold having a good time or helping with cattle.  Me and my four wheel drive were pretty invincible.  February things would get to be a little dreary. 
     You could always tell Spring was around the corner and everyone was getting cabin fever when the shows started.  RV, Sport Boat & Travel, Boat Show.  You knew you were on the down hill slide when the Lawn, Flower, and Garden Show was on.
     February always seemed to be kind of a bother.  I always liked the idea of Jerry Clower who thought that the Congress should move Feb. between July and August.  Feb. isn't much of a month and at that time we could appreciate some cool weather.  I bet that there is someone there dumb enough to introduce the bill.
     It seems silly to me for people who really gripe about the winter.  Like that will do anything about it?  Winter in Kansas is a roller coaster.  Freezing, blowing, thawing, warming, then blizzard again.  I do feel sorry for the people back east but that global warming is really dumping snow up there.  There is a reason I don't live back there.
      Yes I am seeing the logic in Tucson in the winter.  As I stiffen up and lose my ambition it makes more sense.  Almost makes my heart ach to watch the snow birds leaving in the fall.
     Watching all the world events it is so hard to realize that there are Christians dying for their faith.  Riots break out over things that make no sense to me.  Politicians that can not keep their word or even work to benefit the average citizen.  And those who would throw the nation out with the bath water.
     Looking out the window at the deer and the road runner in the yard.  Watching the geese fly over and the hills off and on white.  The top of the hill is a great place to sit and think.  Or just sit.

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