Tuesday, June 30, 2015


                                                      Samuel Clemmons

     The plan to take America down by Saul Alinski is progressing quite nicely.  The deterioration of the country has accelerated at a dizzying pace.  The actions of the last week have left me in a state of trying to figure out how to comment.
     There is so much hate and discord flowing around it is so hard to make any statement without creating a firestorm and being attacked for one reason or another.  It seems that each individual is required to agree with the popular line pushed by a vocal coalition.  Those responding can be just as hateful and that is the problem.
      As a student of history it is easy to compare what is happening to so many bitter periods of human history.  The results of which are not something that I believe anyone would like to see again.  Many who are creating the conditions that will usher in evil times do not realize that they will be among the first to suffer from what they advocate.
      As I try to absorb the ramifications of what is happening today I cannot be overly optimistic.  Fact seems to be irrelevant and emotion is the champion of the day.  As a Christian it is the duty of the individual to try and point out to others where they are going wrong without being self-righteous and arrogant.  Even many churches have chosen to ignore the teachings of scripture.  It is also difficult to reason with another who will not believe in a higher power or a reckoning eventually.
      There has never been a standard that I require for someone to be my friend.  Everyone is as different as the grains of sand.  We tend to be closer to those with similar views and experiences. I get rankled when someone tries to force their views on me and I try not to force anything.  I can reason and discuss.
       My views of the government are no secret and the time is here that what you say or write will be eventually put on trial.  I have never been a huge believer in the integrity of the Supreme Court.  Historically the judicial body has been in error for decisions because the politics of the day often override the interpretation of the Constitution as it is written.
      From Dread Scott to Roe vs. Wade there is a history of poorly interpreted decisions.  Most Judicial scholars believe that the Roe vs. Wade was a bad opinion legal wise.  It may have had the same results with another case but it was a poor case.
       The recent decisions give many a pause, because when read there is nothing that relates to the subjects.  There is a clause that if it is not mentioned in the document it becomes the jurisdiction of the states.  It is hard to be objective and not see the politics injected into the issue.
      I can make the case for and against the recent decisions, but it will result in more hate and division.  I do care for the individuals that are willing to stand before the God of Heaven and declare their superiority to his word.
      I do not have to judge, that will be left to the one who will be our judge at the end of the world.  I have to fear that I do not use the talent given me to try and make the case,  then hope that mercy awaits me for I am no better than anyone else.

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