Sunday, June 21, 2015


                                    Saint Augustine

     What has happened to plain Civility?  The tragedy of nine people being murdered in their church is sad enough without those who leave civility behind to push a political agenda.  The concept of not wasting a good tragedy is repugnant to me and should be to you if there is a shred of civility left in this country.
      We are a nation of individuals and the government was founded on the novel idea of the individual.  Since no two individuals are going to agree on everything there is a time and place to discuss differences.  There are those who would force their views upon all and those who would shed any attempt to have things forced upon them.
       Is there no one left in politics or media that can have the civility and courtesy to memorialize and bury those who were taken by an act of evil?  The sad thing is that when one comes out and makes a political act out of something so evil there is the natural effect of having to answer back.
      Evil is something that is more evident in the world now than in the last generation but we have seen through out history that evil knows no limits or boundaries.  We pray for peace but cannot wait to battle each other on any given topic.  Evil slapped us, yes US, in the face when these senseless murders occurred.  Yet there are thousands upon thousands of murders occurring in places around the world that does not seem to be any closer to  a television or screen that we can turn off or turn to a mindless game.
     Why is it such a shock when this occurs?  It is happening everywhere and yet those in power or those who just shout louder than others can't wait to turn this to there own agendas.
      Nine Christians were murdered in their own house of worship last week.  Will you not let the dead be buried, the families consoled, and our thoughts turned towards the evil we must be on guard for, before arguing and accusing?

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