Tuesday, June 23, 2015


                                               W.C. Fields

     Wheat Harvest.  A time of extreme stress, excitement, and misunderstanding.
      Do you feel it.  If not you have lost any connection to the land you might have ever had.  Imagine that you spent the summer working to prepare to put hundreds of dollars into each acre that you have control over.  Then put in the ground little seeds and wait for rain and watch it poke through the soil and grow, hopefully, until the winter stops it.  Then spend the winter hoping for snow or not too cold to hurt the plant.  Then watch the fields wake up with the sun and the warming of the spring.
      Imagine looking to the sky and the weather forecasts hoping for that life giving rain so it will develop and push the heads up and fill.  Then the sun and wind to mature the plant.  And once you get this far hoping against the storms turning to hail, tornado's, high wind.  Then hope lightning does not strike just before you can get in to cut or some dolt throwing a cigarette or match.
      After investing in a machine that is used for two weeks a year that costs upward of a quarter to half a million dollars that it works the way it should.  Sometimes trusting it to a teenager to actually run it.  Hoping that parts are ready if it does break down.  Or if you lease the machine hoping that the support is there fast when it does break down.
      Then the needs of you and your crew to be fed, housed, and taken care of.  Then hoping that your family or significant other does not brain you for being grouchy, in a hurry, absent minded, or display skills driving that a NASCAR driver can take lessons from.  This person that drives 20 miles and hour under the speed limit the rest of the year going for coffee or to the bank.
      And on top of all this you have to deal with city slickers getting angry because your machine goes 20 mph on the road.  Motorists that think when you swing wide you are giving them room rather than making a wide turn to get off the road.
      Then the ultimate insult is those same people thinking they know better how you should farm and try to regulate everything you do.
       Then after all this you get your crop into the elevator you can decide when the best time is to get the best value for your crop and you now have your yearly income in.  One paycheck a year. 
      If you can do this then you may be CRAZY TOO!  But you would be in good company.

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