Thursday, July 9, 2015


                                John Barrymore

     Chalk one up for the good guys.  If you are tired of the wasteland that is television there is a network that has been struggling along under the radar for several years now.  BLUE HIGHWAYS TV. 
      It is not enough in today's world of multi channel micro interest television stations to have quality.  In fact many simply have none.  It is a reflection on how those in some corporate tower assume to know what you like and find interest in.  It is so rare that there is a channel that elicits a loyalty.  RFD TV is one that rose through the world of TV muck and with a loyal following have made it into most major and minor markets.
     Wholesome programing is considered a fluke by those who know more than you.  The attitude seems to spill over from government.  It takes a few devoted to quality and repeatedly asking for access that wins the day.
      Here at our house we have DISH TV.  It is known for giving little known networks a chance to have access to a large number of households and given a chance to work it's way up into main line channel position.  From what I have seen of most cable operations it is even worse because of the artificial limits of position.
      Even with five hundred channel choices it is hard at times to find anything to watch.  So here is why I am so happy for BLUE HIGHWAYS TV.  When there is nothing of interest or I just get tired of news and silly reality.  When I can't find a decent movie or a show that does not involve UFO's, Monsters, smut, filth, and values that are not my family's, I can go to Channel 73 Dish for a wide variety of Roots music.  Bluegrass, traditional country, simple living, and just plain wholesome entertainment.
      I cannot take responsibility for the addition of BLUE HIGHWAYS TV to the DISH network but I steadily filed e-mails requesting it for the last 3 years.  It had to be one of many who wanted the choice.  They say that one vote cannot make a difference but one vote with many others votes seems to have gotten attention.
      With RFD, Rural, Public, and now BLUE HIGHWAYS, I now have a better chance of seeing something that interests me and I hope you.  If your TV service does not offer theses maybe you should start voicing your opinion.

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