Wednesday, July 15, 2015



     The age old question, asked by Pilate of Jesus, has been a difficult proposition for all time.  We have to ask what is truth because those who are assumed to speak truth, report truth, and teach truth fail miserably.  It is so difficult for the average citizen to accept what is given to us by the media, government, and educators.  We have difficulty verifying what the truth is because the sound bites and indifference of many to really care about it.
      Compound this with the deliberate misinformation and seizing on singular sentences taken out of context, those who try to speak truth are ridiculed.  Hatred seems to have more traction in today's popular society than cold hard truth.  To just say something is true does not make it so.
       It is very hard to grasp the reality of Christians being murdered in the Mideast and other Islamic dominated country's.  When I can set on the porch watching the cattle graze, quail calling, sounds of the highway from three miles away, it is hard to grasp the sheer evil in the world.  But what is even worse is the reality that until it happens here on home soil the American people, or those who pretend to be, just don't care.  And our administration cannot even utter the words 'Islamic terrorists'.
      Even when something terrible happens it is only the chance for politics to make some mileage with the agenda on the table at the time.  People are attacked and killed in a church and the reaction is to take down a flag.  Cancel the Dukes of Hazard,  paint over the Battle flag on the General Lee.  Will this really stop a madman in the future?
      Negotiating for 'Legacy' rather than to stop an insane government from becoming a player in the nuclear stage is tragic as well as evil.
      Calls for symbols of history to be taken down and destroyed is not doing any more than polarizing the country.  Digging up a body of a Civil War General and his wife is not only macabre, but down right insane.  It won't change history but will desecrate a grave.  Is this the politically correct thing to do, dig up bodies?
      A US Representative now wants to do away with the words 'husband & wife' in order to be more compliant with the mood of a minority group that is now demanding more than equality?
      In honor of the US Representative that survived another madman's attack is having a US Naval warship named for her.  And all the arms on this ship have been removed in tribute.  If I was a parent of a US Navy sailor I would not want my kids to serve on a warship that cannot defend it's self when attacked.
     Six counties in Kansas are 'refuge' counties.  This means that the same thing that happened in San Francisco with the murder of an innocent woman by an illegal alien, can and probably has happened here in Kansas.
      The United States continues to give money to countries around the world that are our enemies, when we are Trillions in debt.  And we have the gall to tell Greece how they should conduct themselves.
      China buys our meat processors then gets approval to ship live chickens to China and import the product back home.  This because their workers make one to two dollars an hour.  And once again dog treats from China are killing pets here.
     OK I can rant on and on.  But what is truth?  Seems to be what no one can say without being attacked personally and politically.  Some are even losing their jobs for speaking truth.
      Truth is going back to what has always been the truth.  It is a simple as Ten Commandments and as complex as Scripture.  Including an actual reading of the words of the Constitution before revised by a committee of nine people in black robes.

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