Thursday, July 23, 2015


                                                       Mark Twain

     Just when the field of presidential contenders got to the point where you need a program guide to keep everyone straight, along comes the DONALD.  He would want me to put that in caps.
      Politics is one of the most dangerous subjects to talk about.  Yet has become one of the major spectator sports in the country today.  I can take a position and can count on a flurry of comments both for and against.  I can even expect personal attacks.  That is what some people do when they lack facts or an understanding of your comment.
     I have never been shy to voice my opinion.  If I was too shy no one would be reading this today.  This is the beauty of the freedom that we have had up until now.  Today you cannot use phrases like 'illegal aliens' not because it is not accurate but because someone has tried to change the sound of what it is.
     The majority of Americans traditionally go about their lives being productive and working to support their families and communities without any fan fair.  In the past it has been known as the 'silent majority'.  Most have no time to rally or demonstrate for what they believe in.  Not because they don't care but because they are busy contributing to the benefit of this country and others.
     It takes a lot to gather the force of the everyday American into action in a manner that was like defeating the world conquest of the Nazi's and Japanese in World War Two.  As Admiral Yamamato stated  after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, "I fear we have done nothing more than awakened a sleeping giant".
      The country was united after the World Trade Center attack and somehow the special interests, politicians, and our enemies have managed to divide us worse than anytime since the Civil War.
     So where does the Donald figure into this?  Would he be a good president.  I doubt it.  His track record is not all the conservativeness that he pretends.  So what is my thoughts?  I am tickled.
     No one has dared to voice the thoughts and opinions of the people who are so sickened with the people in Washington, confronted and insulted by the news media, and not back down from his outrageous statements.  Confounding all the 'know it all's' who tell us what to think, how to act, how to speak, and what to be outraged at and not.
      We are to be quiet and willing to accept rulings and judgments on things that are obviously wrong and go against the beliefs of the majority of citizens.  If you speak your mind or the truth you are risking personal attack, loss of your job, and threatened with a myriad of offenses against a government that has gone rogue.  Agencies that create rules that Congress has not enacted.  Congress who passes bills without reading or understanding.  A president who governs with a phone and pen.  And special interest groups that demand acceptance at any cost.
     I doubt that Donald will be president, but, I am delighted that he is tweaking the nose of the self appointed masters of our lives who believe that we will set quietly and accept the garbage that they are so in love with.

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