Tuesday, February 2, 2016


                                                 Milton Friedman

     I have told you before to look out because the Legislature is in session.  It is the time to bring the kids in, pull the blinds, and hide in the basement.  So there is a problem.  In the collective wisdom of people, that most of you let about 20% of the people vote into office, they are going to fix the problem.
     Ok.  The money coming in is not what they expected.  This is a broken record.  Who are doing the estimates?  If they worked for your company and have had a track record of not being able to give an educated guess that is remotely close to facts, you would fire them.
      There is just so much money that can be stolen from the DOT budget and diverting retirement money.  What is the solution?  Well lets look at education for a minute.
     I was talking to an elected official the other day and what the state is going to send down for us is very worrisome.  The state is trying to come up with some solutions for education and that is very scary.
     Lets look each other in the eye for a minute and make some decisions.  There is two ways that this is going to go down.  Either the state is going to break up how you run your school districts or you are going to have to bury the hatchet with your neighboring districts and come up with some solutions on your own.
     As much as we talk about supporting each other and doing things for the common good, and keeping the rural life going, there are some hard feelings and rivalries that go back to the old team that has to stop.  As many bad stories and hard feelings that have happened over the years with consolidation and closing schools, there has to be a time to set down like adults and look at the problems straight on.
     I have always thought that many of the smaller districts paying six figures for superintendents was a little silly.  But administration in larger districts is a bit over the top too.
     There comes a time that the north part of the county and the south part of the county, or east and west, is going to have to stop looking like the Civil War.  Very few districts cannot be looked at and find values and practices that are not at all efficient or imaginative.
     Like it or not things are changing and the schools are having a hard time keeping up because how doing something different is not even considered.  Yet a program like Common Core can be mandated by the Feds and State and be totally accepted.
     The street segment that used to be run on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno was a pretty funny thing since the people who did not even have walking around sense were from Caliwierdia.  But many other reporters and entertainers are doing it on city streets and on University campuses and the dumbing down of the country is no laughing matter.
     How are we going to keep Topeka dictating how our schools are run?  You are going to have to sit down with your neighbors from across the counties and come up with something.  Otherwise you are going to hate the results.

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