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     The one truth in keeping yourself healthy is that you have to take charge of your own health management.  Initially it involves not doing things that are harmful to yourself, next is to change the things that will harm you, and last is being in control of the actions taken to become healthy again.
     Not as simple as it sounds.  We are all doing things that are just not good for us.  Some we try to change and others we get bull headed and do anyway.  This brings to mind the series of redneck jokes that you can customize to group or state.  The punch line is always "hold my beer and watch this".
      For some reason we many have put doctors and the medical profession on a pedestal and when we are hurting we allow anything to be done to us without understanding why.  The medical profession is full of very sincere and intelligent people who want to do their best to help you.  And then there are those who are there to just get a pay check.  Those in the medical field are first and foremost human.  Subject to all the same virtues and faults.
      It is up to you to control your own destiny as to how you are managed when you are hurting and it is also the worst time to make sound decisions.  And now the government is sticking its nose into your health. 
     In Wichita there is a medical clinic that is more famous around the world than in it's own town.  The Riordan Clinic, when I talk of this group of medical professionals no one can picture who they are.  Until I tell them that the group of Geodesic domes and the pyramid on North Hillside.  Generally they remember seeing them off of K-96 but have no idea what or who they are.
      The history of the Riordan goes back to Dr. Riordan and Mrs. Garvey.  The research started by Dr. Riordan forty years ago continuing the work of Dr. Linus Pauling on Vitamin C therapy continues to this day.  Dr. Ron Hunninghake continues the work and has lectured around the world on their work with Vitamin C IV Therapy.  They have worked with literally thousands of patients with cancer, lupus, obesity, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and much more.
     Now the FDA has superseded the directive of congress on the prescription products that they use, Vitamin C IV.  In effect the cost has been forced to skyrocket and the dosages cannot be kept on hand until ordered specifically for a patient.  It also eliminated the companies that made the product to one.
     Vitamin C is something that the body does not make for itself and oral dosages that you would take can only be absorbed in partial and the rest eliminated in the digestive tract.  The IV therapy is the only way that the full benefits of the vitamin can be used in therapeutic ways.
      Because the mainline medical establishment is always hostile to thoughts and practices very few doctors even know about the work that can be done and is being done at the Riordan.  Since the government specifically the FDA has decided that this practice is outside the norms it is taking a mandate from congress and twisting it into something it was not supposed to do.  But then this is a common theme now with the three letter agencies.
      In conjunction with my family physician the doctors and staff at the Riordan have worked with me for years on the collection of ailments that I am dealing with.  The IV-C is always the thing that enhances my treatment and helps me make progress on getting my health in order.  I am outraged that the costs and time elements are added to my treatment by some faceless bureaucrat.
     If you or a loved one is suffering from a debilitating disease I would more than encourage you to check into this clinics abilities.  And I encourage you to go to and sign the petition to support S.1406 SAVING ACCESS TO COMPOUNDED MEDICATIONS FOR SPECIAL NEEDS PATIENT ACT
      The first rule of the undermining our country is seize control of health care.  The first steps have been taken and if you want to have any control over your health and life you have to insist on controlling your own health treatment.

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