Monday, February 29, 2016


                         Redd Foxx

     What I hate about feeling sick is how I cannot get much of anything done.  It is also a real brake on the function of my mind.  Normally I would pop in some snarky line here but one just don't come to mind. 
     It is spring (like) and everything is trying to bud out.  My allergies are going wild and I think it has moved into bronchitis.  I started coughing and eyes watering and burning coming home from the fish fry at Sharon Friday night.  To say I have been sick as a dog is a disservice to dogs.
     I am in the middle of researching a lot of subjects for my book about Kansas and it is really slowing me down.  A lot.  It is already hard enough that my subjects are little known things about Kansas.  When it is little known I mean it is hard to find any source on a lot of topics.
     But the good thing is I have a great doctor and she is going to get me in this afternoon.  Maybe I won't be up every hour on the hour tonight.  Now I would not be the one to claim that I have had a healthy lifestyle.  But right now I don't think I have done anything right.
     Now this brings a good subject up, the Federal Government has cut back Medicare payments to our rural hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics.  We have already lost some in this process.  Someone in their brilliance has brought up that Medicaid should be expanded.  All the states around us that have, have fallen into the trap of growing numbers and less dollars.  The job that the legislators do is not one that I would like to be doing.  There is a no win situation there.
     So I will just go lay down for a while until it is time to head out of here and hope someone will answer my e-mails that I have sent out today.  Here is hoping for a clear head, sinus, and lungs this week.  The best advice I can give is upgrade to a better whiskey.

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