Saturday, May 14, 2016


                                                                              Albert Camus

     It does not take a genius to recognize the biblical passage about what is bad is good, what is right is wrong, so on (not a strict quote).  Some of our politicians, elites, and those who would just use their positions to subvert what we stand for, have brought this country to the point that no one can count on us to do the right thing anymore.
     The pendulum always swings from one extreme to another and through out history it seems that no civilization can hold itself to a standard that would give stability to last the long haul.  Every civilization has brought itself down only to build back up and do it all over again.
     We have allowed the loudest voices to dictate that one individual on the extreme edge can demand rights that are denied to the majority.  At what point does the 'do it all my way' progress into an extreme reaction from the other side.  In this I am not referring to politics.  I am referring to simple human decency.
     It seems that living ones life as you wish has now gone beyond the point of freedom.  It is now that you have to let me live this way, approve of it, like it, or I will crush you.  The point of radicalism will push to the point that those who don't live your way, don't like it, and don't approve of it. will push back.  Many times there is a push back that also goes too far.
     There is so much corruption, treachery, lasciviousness, and conflict today that there will be a point that will turn things around and probably cause an equal swing in the other direction.  What will be the tipping point?  What will be the Arch Duke Ferdinand moment?  Who knows?
     But it may be something that has started out as a distraction for many things that will galvanize people to set down their feet and say no!  I have an opinion (big surprise) on what that might be. 
      Regardless of the opinion of the courts, the media, political parties, various 'rights' groups, the moment may be here.  When the person who is one sex identifies with the other and people are forced to tolerate them in their bathrooms and showers, political correctness will cease.
     There is a big uproar going on right now.  It will be not only the redneck but most men that will not take any man walking in on their daughter, mom, sister, aunt, granddaughter, or any other girl to shower or use the restroom with them.  In the few instances where it has been tried the women themselves react and will not allow it.  There is a point of complete idiocy and maybe those who advocate the 'right' will find that people will start seeing through the real agendas that are using all this 'victim hood' as simply a means to bring down a decent society.
      Those who scream and demand the loudest for their rights are quick to deny anyone else theirs.  Try to have a conversation and debate with one of these and it goes to name calling, screaming, and yelling immediately.  When there is a lack of tolerance to talk about an issue there is no tolerance at all.
     What has happened to the attitude of 'treat others as you would be treated'?

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