Tuesday, May 3, 2016



     I have been asked several times to explain a few things that our education system, and those who have a stake in political power to subvert, what our country really is.  I hear time after time the use of the word Democracy by those who either are ignorant of what it means or deliberately use it for their own purposes.
     A vast amount of people in this country use the word, Democracy, as a statement of what our country means and stands for.  Yet the word is never mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, or Bill of Rights.
     Many people either have accepted the use of the term as being correct, or deliberately to further their own opinions and ambitions.  So for those who have asked I will make my understanding of our government and what it is.
     The founding fathers who constructed the foundations of our form of government understood that at some time there would be those who would attempt to take the power from the average citizen and they did it in an unusual way.
     Our form of government is a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC.  Since it is impossible to get a unanimous agreement on any one issue, or vote on every motion, it is our responsibility to put forth the best of us to weigh the pros and cons of any issue and act as our representative.  We all cannot be experts on everything and able to make decisions on major issues.
    Put simply, DEMOCRACY, is majority rules.  Without the process of the three branches of government any popular movement can take it's power to over power those who are weak or in the minority.  The truth of Democracy, it is a way to institute Tyranny and bully tactics.  This is not who we are.
     I have no sympathy or tolerance for anyone who does not fulfill their obligation to vote.  But the vote is not enough.  It is the responsibility of each voter to be informed with facts.  Not misinformation and manipulated facts.  It is increasingly difficult to cut through the tangle of misinformation to make informed decisions.  When the media has gone from the outside watchdog that kept the government open and honest, to the partisan of one side or another for an agenda, that has nothing to do with information.  What passes for information is actually propaganda.
     I meet people who compliment me on my thoughts and enjoy my point of view on many things.  I also meet and know people who are critical of my views and question their validity.  One believes I sit all day and listen to talk radio and draw all my positions from the large number of those who spend there time putting out their opinions.
     Hate to disappoint those who think all I have to do is base my opinions solely on others. I am not going to list my resume and my life experiences to try and persuade anyone to pay attention to what I put forth.  I have too little time between my writing, reading, and constant basing the combined amount of experience and thoughts, to satisfy those who disagree with me.
      The beauty of our system is that I can take the opportunity to persuade you to agree, disagree, or simply stimulate thought without the threat of jail or death that many places in the world do to those who would express their own ideas.  Yet there are those who actively seek to punish those who disagree with their point of view.  An example is the threat from one segment to pursue prosecution for those who disagree with global warming.
      There are those, and I am one of them, who are frustrated with the workings of our government and the fact that to get anything done is extremely difficult.  This is the system that our founders created.  It has to be hard to keep popular thought and movements from dominating the future of the nation and its citizens.  But frustrations are caused by the corruption of those who we continue to elect and allow to run unchecked.
     Frustration should be the cause of sending our best to do the business of governing.  Yet frustration is the cause of supporting those who speak as we would want to hear and not what we know is right.  Frustration has to be the cause of demanding that the excesses of government, and the intolerance of opposing viewpoints, be stopped and the service of the people be put back into government.
     The founding fathers had the idea that the government should be carried out by those who left their jobs for a short time and become citizen legislators then go back to their homes and professions.  We now train those who would make their profession of governing without any relationship to a real life, and making the best decisions for their neighbors, then go home to live with them.  We now train bureaucrats and politicians who know no more than how to manipulate a system.
     We are all weary of words.  Lets put a little more time into thought and sending those to office on all levels whose goal is to do what is best and not popular.

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