Wednesday, May 18, 2016


                                                                John Barrymore

      I have more than once let it be known that I hoped that Wichita State University would bring in Jerry Kill to develop a new football program.  I knew Jerry's granddad, dad, and watched him grow up.  Jerry grew up in the Cheney community and watching him move through the ranks from High School football coach, to division 2 colleges, to division one.  He is admired by friends and competitors as a first rate person and coach and when health problems started to plague him on the field, the whole country was anxious about him.
     Jerry is the kind of coach that every parent hopes that their kids would have sometime in their athletic careers.  It is not stepping to far to say that the Cheney community has busted their buttons watching Jerry grow and be successful.  I don't think you would find anyone in the area that would not consider Jerry as a favorite son.
     It was with a great deal of happiness when the announcement came out that Kansas State has hired Jerry to come back home to be Assistant Athletic Director.  With the fact that so many of our rural kids leave for opportunities elsewhere it is with no small amount of pride and happiness when one has the opportunity to come home and excel.
     It is a sad fact that the 'coach' is unable to stand on the field and run the show.  But it is a sure thing that he can stand behind the scenes and effect policy and support both the school and the athletes.  This also shows that even with difficulties there are still things that one can do and be effective, and contribute to the field of endeavor that one is engaged in.
     I am not a big jock and athletics do not occupy my thoughts and time except in the context that they should.  I like to see our state teams do well.  I like to see our state universities turn out thoughtful and educated students.  I am always happy when K-State is winning.  I also like to see everyone else be competitive.
     We all win as a state and a community when we are able to have one of our best able to come home and do what they do best.  Though I still hope WSU will be able to build a new football program I have to say WELCOME HOME JERRY!!!!!

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