Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I am sickened by the presidential process of constant attack, envy, jelousy, fraud, and outright lies.  This applies across the board.  The Tea Party arose and dumped many who were taking this country in a direction that, frankly, scares the hell out of people.  Since there is effective challenges to the establishment there is great worry and hatred focused on them.
     I recently read a story of the plot to take over the White House in the thirties and install a Facist government.  I am sure you never heard of it.  An uncle of mine who was a US Senator at the time was on the Congressional committee that held hearings on it.
     Due to the passionate patriotism of a Marine General, who they targeted to lead it, put an end to the plot.  Many of the heads of the largest companies and financiers in the world were behind it.  It reached clear into the cabinet level of the Whitehouse. 
     At the time there was a great deal of support for the rise of Facism in Italy, France, and Spain.  And unbelievably, a lot of support for Adolf Hitler's take over of the German Government.  Many of our brightest thinkers, scientists, and social reformers supported Eugenetics.  The thought processes that lead directly to the Holacaust.
     Do we learn from History?  Do we evaluate the writen record that is before us with an impartial eye?  Not very well.
     Those who do are worried that this country can survive.  How do we point out that all the steps that in the past lead to countrywide and worldwide disaster?  When it is done the messenger is treated with hatred, anger, and contempt.
     Does it bother anyone that the media measures everything in the presidential process by money?  Romney has spent 4 times Gingrich, Obama has near 1 Billion in his re-election process, other candidates though they may be better, cannot spend enough? 
     What happened to integrity? What happened to clear ideas and solutions?  Who is destroying the American dream?  How do you allow those who do nothing to be supported by those who have a work ethic?  How do you say God Bless America when he is thrown out?  How do you rationalize the thought of Shira law so we can be tolerent?  How can you ignore a family to kill three daughters and two others for "family honor"?
     I begrudge no one who wants to come to this country to breath free air and grasp for the American Dream.  But do you not understand the word 'illegal'?
     So why should I not be worried?

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