Friday, January 6, 2012


     I have experienced many times how hard it is to convince people to follow a course of action just because it is right.  It is amazing how different groups and factions try to scare or stampede an action, when really they have a different goal.  Hyping a subject with scare tactics always makes me stop and go 'what is the real motivation here'?
     Take Global Warming for an example.  The statistics that was used by the United Nations to force acceptance of the Kobe Initiative was exposed as using faked statistics.  This was an obvious attempt to control many nations worldwide but mostly the USA.  After exposing the lie and the hundreds of scientists that bought into it were wearing egg on their faces, the scientists, that did not buy into it that were called kooks, are now looking like the thoughtful researchers that they are.  But as time goes on there are new 'statistics' that are carrying on as before.
     If you recall back to the 60's and 70's we had real problems with water and air.  Dioxin contaminated oil was being used to keep dust down on city streets in many places.  Housing developments were built on old hazardous dump sites.  Cancer and deformed children were rampant in contaminated areas.  Thus the EPA and the Super Fund was created to correct some of these problems.
     We have made so much progress on cleaning up and not messing our own nest up that groups have seized on the original intent to create power groups for other purposes.  In the charter and printed word of many groups, the failed advocates of socialism and communism moved into the environment.  Don't recoil and comment back at me until you read what they really have done, said, and continue to do.
    An e-mail that I recieved put a lot into prospective about an old lady and the young checker at the local grocery store.  I will shorten and give you the gist of it.
     "THE GREEN THING: The young cashier asked if she had brought her own bags because the plastic ones were not good for the environment.  The lady said we did not have these things in my day.  The clerk snipped "that is our problem today, your generation did not care enough to save the environment for our generation".
     She was right our generation did not have the GREEN thing.  Back then we returned milk, pop, and beer bottles to be reused.  We walked up stairs because we did not have escalators.  We did not climb into a 300 horsepower machine to go two blocks.  We washed baby diapers and clothing and hung them on a line to dry.  We handed down clothes and not bought new ones on a whim.  We had one TV and a radio in the house and not one in every room.  The screen was small and black and white and we had three channels to watch.  We did things in the kitchen by hand, we did not have a bunch of electric machines.  We packaged fragile items in newspaper not styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap.  We pushed lawn mowers not riding them, we did not have a health club to run too for excercise.
      When we were thirsty we drank water from a cup, from well water not a plastic bottle.  Blades were replaced in razors and the old ones were used to take paint off the windows after we painted by hand.  We rode the bus to school and people in town walked or rode the bus and trolley.  We had one electric outlet on a wall because we did not have all the electronic stuff to plug in.  We cooked at home or went to the cafe instead of ordering in pizza that was delivered by car.
But yes we did not have the green thing back then.

     Don't tell me the polar bear is in trouble there are thousands in the Arctic now, than in the 70's when there were hundreds.  NEWS FLASH ice melts in the summer time.  You only hear about the ice cap melting then not in the winter.  Thank God for global warming or we would have an iceberg still over Kansas City and the Northern Half of the continent. 
     You don't throw trash because it is lazy and sloppy.  You pick it up because you have a little pride and self respect.  You search for alternative forms of energy because it is the right thing to do and we are tired of fighting wars for people who don't like us and would like to kill us.  We want advances in stack scrubbers and clean coal development because it is what we have an abundance of.  We want our resources developed because we are tired of other countries telling us how much we are going to pay.
     We clean up messes because it is the right thing to do.  Not threatened that the world is ending.  At the rate of Carbon Dioxide sequestration that the United Nations wants us to attain, the rate of it will be below what sustains life.  Scientific fact 'Plants use CO2 and give oxygen'.  Plants grow better with a higher level than less.
     Quit trying to kill the country with hope and change and lets get back to work with a little dignity.  It is the right thing to do!

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