Friday, January 20, 2012

What Does Europe know that we don't?

The hostile take over of the Country Music industry years ago created a huge dis-service to the music loving public.  When formated and formula music brought the LA sound into country and went after the young crowd so many great artists were put out to pasture.  And many more talented artists cannot get their music on the air.
     After a while the listening public that takes no in depth interest in music keeps getting told what they like and they fall for it.  Remember Country and Western?  Well Western did not just go away and neither did solid country artists.  Thank goodness networks like RFD TV, Blue Hiways, & Rural TV have become a haven for the Classic style Country artist.  Plus Branson has provided a venue for a lot of great talent you never hear on the radio.
      So what does this have to do with Europe?  Well the two consistant top Country male artists in Europe are George Strait and RW Hampton.  If you don't recognise RW Hampton, he is the top WESTERN male artist from Cimmaron NM.  RW was just inducted into the WESTERN MUSIC HALL OF FAME.  Bet you have not heard of it either, unless you are a devoted western fan.
     Everyone who knows me knows that I could careless what is going on overseas other than being ticked that our jobs keep moving there.  This is the one exception.  What do they know?  They still have a radio industry that is not bought and paid for by the Dutch or Japan.
     How do you hear Western on your radio.  Heck if I know, we have been trying to address that issue since the 1980's.  But we are trying.
     A bit of trivia, Slim Whitman had a good career in Country Western,  when shut out he became a mega star in Europe.  Not until an infomercial did the US rediscover him and his unusual style of music.  Something is broken in the land of the free and home of brave.
     What can you do?  Rediscover Western and Acoustic music.  Go to .  Call your radio stations and request the artists you like.  And quit letting a corporate office tell you what you like.
      Also ask your local live venue about booking western artists.  By the way when was the last time on a country song you could understand all the words, besides Red Dixie Cup?

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