Tuesday, January 8, 2013


     The one question that drives adults crazy is when the kids get to the age when the major thing on their mind is a one word question.  WHY?  You know it drives you crazy.  But stop to think that there is not any word that carries the essence of what we are supposed to be as that one worded question.  If the underlying principle of living is not to ask this question then we are nothing more than a drone in a bee hive.  You work for the common good and die.
     Each of us were once visionaries faced with a world of wonders and curiosity.  It is how we learn as a human by questioning and exploring.  If there was not that deep set conviction there would never have been the urge to see what is over the next hill or across the ocean.  We could be building pyramids or great walls and die in the process so the next drone can step in.
     Let me ask you a question and answer it honestly, are you a visionary?  If the answer is no, when did you lose it?  If not for visionaries there would be none of the comforts and technologies that we take for granted today.  If you have lost the ability to ask the question why, then you must be comfortable letting someone else make the decisions for you in your everyday life.
     WHY is such a powerful thing do you not think it was not instilled in the human race to give purpose and to understand the greatness of the creator?  Those who lack faith I cannot comprehend.  Have we become so entranced by the vision of others that we cannot be curious individually?  When I see people, and not just young people, who cannot take away their attention from a device worthy of marvel I wonder why the intellect is invested in the mind numbing occupation of a device like the I Phone.  Or why the technology that was created by a visionary is not used to further the quest for answering the ever present WHY?
      Do you have a visionary mind set?  Do you see beyond the here and now and have a dream, goal, or vision?  Do you still ask WHY?  Or are you so absorbed by your circumstances or dominated by external things that you lost that visionary capacity with your youth?
     Do you realize that the entire sum of knowledge doubled in the 20th Century from the entire history of man?  Or that that has doubled time and again in the last 30 year?  Someone has vision out there.
     In the end God has given us a wonderful and terrible gift that each of us can fully utilize.  And with the addition of free will each of us are free to choose whether to utilize it for good or evil.  And the worst part is we are free not to utilize it at all.
     Each of us have been given the capacity to further the knowledge of mankind.  It can be utilized in anyway that you choose, although there is a path you are supposed to take.  It all hinges in a simple childlike question like, WHY?

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  1. You've captured one of the essences of what makes us human, IMHO, Roger.

    The only other comment I have to add is that we all, as humans, need to be careful not to mistake knowledge for wisdom. Knowing when - and when not - to use something or to do something is even more important than being able to do it in the first place.