Thursday, January 3, 2013


     This is the first blog of the year 2013.  Everyone seems to go through the ritual of making resolutions during the New Years Eve exercise.  I do not.  I find that most people make the same resolutions and know that they are not going to follow through on them.  I guess it makes for conversation when you run out of things to discuss.
     Since I have never smoked I don't have to bother with that one.  I have made a life out of going up and down the scales and I would rather do anything but not eat, but I will have to fight the battle again.  I do not need to make a resolution on Dec. 31 to know this.
     I know that the Congress in any form will not be working for the good of the nation I have the evidence of this all my life.  In the 1960's when LBJ started to 'borrow' Social Security funds because the fund was swimming in money, I said this was theft.  I was in middle school and knew this.
     I know that the Constitution is the foundation of our government and that the foundation of this is Ten Commandments and British Common Law.  I know that the current thought in Washington and Hollywood is that the Constitution is too restrictive or a "negative" document that cannot grow with the times.  Foundations do not expand or they crumble.  When they crumble you shore them up.
     I do not have to make a resolution to speak out against those who attack the foundation of our country.  It is my right under it.  It is my right under it to exercise my faith, belief in the right to be born, and the right to defend myself from anyone who would take any part of this from me.
     I do not have to totally agree with you, or you with me, in order to be friends or discuss issues.  I do not have to make a resolution to do this.  I have the right to be politically incorrect and will continue to be so.  A little more thought, study, and independent thinking would be a good thing for this country.  So I will ignore the Micheal Moore's, Harry Reid's, Al Gore's, Jane Fonda's of this world.
     The act of making resolutions seems to be more of an exercise in regret for things not done during the past year.  I fail to see anyone who does not do their best last year suddenly having a revelation on New Years Eve and fundamentally changing themselves.  If they do that is good.  I will rather try to look for positive change and recognise all the negatives.
     The one thing that a blogger knows is that there will continue to be enough material to talk about this year so the need for a resolution will not be needed from me.  If you make resolutions I wish you well and hope that the new year will be a good one for you.  I am wishing that 2013 will be good for the United States and the world, though I am not confident about it.


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