Saturday, April 18, 2015


                           BE TO ALLOW THE SUBJECT RACES
             TO POSSESS ARMS."
                                                                          Adolf Hitler 1938

      It never ceases to amaze me at the people who are so against guns that a complete loss of sense occurs.  No matter what the history and no matter what the facts are, there are those who insist on making the decision to force their views on others and summarily violate everything that this country has ever stood for.
      The concern over Kansas passing the unregulated concealed carry bill into law has so much hand wringing and worrying going on.  There are even those who mostly support the Second Amendment that express concern.
      First, what other constitutional amendment do you have to qualify for before it is afforded to you?
      Second, all freedom requires personal responsibility, so that if you violate the terms of the Constitution it's rights can be taken away by a felony conviction.
      Third, if you can deny me my right by your opinions, we then live in a tyrannical state and all rights are void.  Even for you.
      It is a huge mistake to carry a firearm and not be conscious that there is a huge responsibility to do so.  If faced with the possibility that you have to defend your life or the life of another, to do so will change your life forever.  Right or wrong there will be a process to go through that could take your freedom and rights away.  It has to be with serious consideration that you take the defense of yourself seriously.
     There is so much talk about civil rights today that it is forgotten that the most important civil right is to live.  If I am dead at another's hand there is no restoration of my right to live.  No lawyer, judge, court, party, or individual can restore my right to life once it is taken.
     The continual abuse by sue happy people and equally willing lawyers has taken the personal responsibility out of most everything.  Obvious hazards must be marked out for those assumed to be to stupid to avoid danger.  Anything that can be considered as an abuse is the cause of unlimited harm to the psyche from childhood to adult.  Yet those with real problems are loosed on the public and their privacy is sacred until they actually harm someone.
      An active child that challenges a mediocre teacher is forced onto drugs and labeled as, choose your label here.  This lack of skill and patience ruins a life for the convenience of the system who wants to turn out drone citizens.  But when parents try to exercise their personal responsibilities the state and authorities nullify what they do and endanger the very right to raise the child according to their own belief system.
      This great experiment that is the United States will not work without personal responsibility.  If everything is continued to be placed in the hands of others we will soon have lost our own family members, but the entire nation as well.
     I do not worry about the law abiding person that carry's the gun, but the person who has no regard for the law and does not care that they impose their abuse on others.  I fear more those who would defend the outlaw and leave the citizen vulnerable.

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