Thursday, April 16, 2015


                   VOTING ON WHAT TO HAVE
            FOR DINNER."
                                                                 James Bovard

     If there is one thing that drives me crazy it is all the supposed educated people (and un-educated) that refers to our form of government as a Democracy.  Is the education of the country deteriorated so bad that the fact that we are a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC is ignored. 
      Democracy is at best majority rule, at worst mob rule.  There is no minority rights or defense for different points of view under mob rule.  Our Constitution limits what government can do so the individuals rights are superior to governmental power.  This seems to be a sticking point for those who only allow you to agree with their point of view and cares less if you don't agree.
      The Constitution, which is so simple that it can be carried in your pocket, has been subverted by courts, causes, and special interests to be interpreted in volumes of pages.  Mostly to deny the individual the basic rights that it is supposed to protect.
      From the President down to the township official all take a pledge to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Yet the self crowned emperor flouts his ability to act with a pen and phone.  The Attorney General ignores the liberties of citizens unless they are a part of a particular race or party.  The IRS is allowed to persecute people and organizations that are not on the left political side.  The former Secretary of State defies the law on e-mails and does away with them even when under order from the Congress to turn them over.  Social Security still says it doesn't hold relatives responsible for over payments and then seizes money from tax returns of those.  Then is forced to give it back when it becomes public knowledge.
      It is distressing that when interviewed on the street students and adults ,that supposedly have been educated, cannot answer the simplest question.  Maybe this was comedy at one time now it is an indictment of todays education.  With the approval of Billionaires and Governors, the Common Core has infected the education process with misinformation, omission, and outright lies to indoctrinate the student into being the best burger flippers in the world.  And now they strike for $15 per hour minimum wage.
      The University, where freedom of ideas and expression have become politically correct places of indoctrination, that puts students into debt ridden servitude.  And crushes any deviation of the official line.
       Students fail to find jobs in areas that they have been supposedly educated in.  Yet the cost goes up and up.
      To listen to what many elected to office say, or their inability to articulate an intelligent thought, it is time to end the education as it stands and return to facts not opinion.  Debate rather than hate speech.  Instruction by instructors who actually can impart knowledge and not propaganda.
      The premise that a piece of legislation must be passed before knowing what is in it screams tyranny and to actually believe that is ignorance.  Bills that run into thousands of pages are breeding grounds for tyranny and screams ignorance to those who go along.
     It is time for those running for office to concern themselves with what is right and not convenient or politically correct.  It is time for taking personal responsibility and not allowing causes to dictate how we do everything.  Then tell us it is good for us.

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