Wednesday, April 22, 2015


             Mark 8:18

      Where is the outcry and the words from the pulpit?  Where is the outpouring of outrage from a people so complacent that will not recognize or care that Christians are being martyred by groups who have declared a holy war on believers of the cross?
      Since the blood has not been shed on your street yet is that an excuse to ignore what is going on in the world.  Why would you watch the bloodiest programing on the movie and TV screen and not watch the true horrors on the news?  Why would you shield your children from it? 
      Are we so comfortable as a people that we can stand by and ignore what is going on and what is promised to come to our shores?  During the 1920's the economy was going along so well that that few foresaw the crash of 1929.  Even though there were warnings from sincere people the crash of the 2008 devastated the nation and we have not recovered yet.
      So when a people makes it the main tenement of its religion to kill or subjugate those who do not believe we treat them as another 'religion of peace' even though there is not one year of peace in it since 800AD.
      The murdering of men, women, and children does not strike a note.  The fact that women can be summarily killed or maimed if they displease about anyone is overlooked by the women who lament over a glass ceiling.  Girls that are married to older men and the marriage is consummated at 9 years of age is ignored but if someone is caught here with a picture of a girl under 18 they go to prison.  Maybe the radical Muslims have done something that will finally raise the passions of Americans.  They are now killing dogs in a horrific fashion.
     In this society that has to fight to keep a doctor and mother from cutting up a baby up to the moment of birth, killing dogs may finally wake some people up.  Maybe now PETA and Human Society of the United States will turn from how much room a pig needs to the defense of dogs in the Middle East.
      In July the US military will begin and exercise that is for conquering an urban area in seven states.  Maybe a slap in the head will get them to defend our borders.  Somehow I don't see Dallas as a target to take.  Maybe it will take the invasion of the dog pound to get people to care.

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