Friday, April 10, 2015


                      OF OTHERS, WILL BE USED TOMORROW
                                        TO RESTRICT YOUR RIGHTS AS WELL."

     As the next campaign gets an early start we have people who act as though they do not have to answer to the people.  We have people setting in prison for violating regulations from un-elected bureaucrats with charges never voted on by the Congress or signed into law other than the 'magic pen and phone'.
     As I have long vented that I have not had the chance to vote on my candidate since Ronald Reagan.  We have a Democrat party that tells the Republican party who the nominee should be and a Republican leadership that goes along with it every time.
     We do not need a dynasty where we have Clintons or Bushes continuously leading this country.  When the grass roots movements try to bring a choice to a hurting country the media immediately starts the hue and cry of keeping Washington under the control of the status quo.
      Now we have a government that records all phone & electronic information.  Veterans that voice opposition to the 'throne' get visited and questioned.  How long until what you or I say will be 'interviewed' about our opposition?
      It used to be that it actually took a threat of violence to get notice of the government.  Now it just takes an opinion or a belief in the Constitution.  If you believe that the safety of the nation depends on knowing who is trying to cross our borders, if you believe that a non citizen has special rights, you are an enemy of the state.
      Watching the obnoxious questioning of the main stream media the question  comes to mind, who crowned them king?  As the government spends money we don't have and borrows from our enemy's, who crowned them king?  As the justice department declines to prosecute violations of the law because it doesn't fit the administrations narrative, who crowned them king?
     Lets do some things to bring sanity back.  Lets treat the candidates on all sides the same.  Lets put term limits on Congress.  Lets let the states run their own business like the Constitution says.  Lets teach the Constitution and history be taught again in schools.  Lets stop printing money and stop sending it to countries that hate us.  Most of all lets stop and ask God to bless America again.

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