Saturday, December 26, 2015

2016: OH WELL

               ALWAYS TELL WHO THE
          IDIOT IS."
                                           Mark Twain
     Another year has passed on and we are all looking forward to a fantastic 2016, well maybe.  We have the wonderful chance to be lied to by candidates, incumbents, and the press about how wonderful they are, how bad their opponents (and their party) are, and how stupid we are.  After all they talk right in front of us on every interview, their advisors talk about the strategies, and we are sitting there listening to it all.
     What is amazing is that we do this and so many just validate their plans by doing just what they say will happen.  Given the examples of the walking around education of students, voters, and people on the streets who do not even know who the pilgrims were, they may be right.
      The rioting (it don't qualify for protesting) on university campuses who a level of education that is defiantly not what mom and dad paid for.  Since I do not have kids I am just amazed that so many parents are so happy to shift the kid off to college and fleece their savings, and indenturing the kid for decades paying loans, that it is still desirable.
      The throwing of money into schools without a real strategy has turned out a huge drop out rate and illiteracy from most inner city schools.  Yet it is also in a degree happening down into more affluent and smaller systems.  The education game has been turned over by states to corporations who have a stake in creating conditions that kids have to be tested more frequently because it makes them more money.
      The dead set attitude that a kid cannot do any kind of work until he reaches sixteen or seventeen has become institutionalized.  The knowledge of how to get up on time, show up on time, look presentable, and be paid as to the effort put in is a thing of the past.  Basic skills that should be instilled by parents at a young age are now subject to special programs so those who cannot go on to higher education can function in the factory environment.
      Critical thinking and values are subjects of ridicule in education today.  The protected position of professors who have well thought out positions and no practical knowledge dominates the collegian scene and any free thought, speech, or questioning is derided.
      Simple basic knowledge of how world history and US History are a foundation for what we enjoy today is not a subject taught without critical slanting.  History is not an opinion it is to be a record.
     As we go into this year be prepared to be ridiculed for your faith, history, simple logic, and wanting straight information not slanted by pundits, theorists, consultants, and those who would call you an idiot and teach your children to think for themselves and not be bullied for any reason.
      Be prepared for those who support the status quo to continue to subvert the Constitution, history, news, Bill of Rights, and continue to call you an idiot at the top of their lungs.

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